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Reach Radio Transmissions Red 6: Reflection
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Red 6: Reflection


UNSC MAJESTIC: Alpha Two Zero, This is UNSC Majestic, two mikes out from window. Once we're on station you'll have us for all of three-zero seconds, over.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Acknowledged, Majestic. Stand by, we are waiting for the go/no-go on the shoot. Uploading telemetry on targets.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Telemetry received, on standby.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: CENTCOM, OWA is one mike three-zero seconds out from window, DD with five-zero one-hundred-sixty charlie mike, once on station we'll have three-zero seconds of trigger time, over.

CENTCOM: Alpha Two Zero, this is CENTCOM. Beta Red is directly in the splash zone. Until we have visual confirmation of their status we are no-go, over.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: CENTCOM, those cruisers are burning birds out to five-zero klicks; hell, they've hit civvy evac birds all the way out to CIS. Beta Red have gone above and beyond but there's no way out for them, they just bought us our window, now give me the go and I'll finish the job.

CENTCOM: God help us... Go hot. Out.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Alpha Two Zero to UNSC Majestic...

UNSC MAJESTIC:Copy, Alpha, requesting go for shoot.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Affirmative, we are go on the shoot. Over.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Acknowledged . Shoot is a go, out.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Six rounds, target number Kilo Tango 2005.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Copy, Majestic. Six rounds, target number Kilo Tango 2005.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Shot, over.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Shot, out.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Splash, over.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Splash, out.

UNSC MAJESTIC: Rounds complete, over.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: Rounds complete, out.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: End of mission, Majestic, all three target vehicles neutralized. I don't even want to guess what happened below.

UNSC MAJESTIC: I copy, Alpha. End of mission, all three target vehicles neutralized. It's been fun, hope we get a chance to do it again. Out.

ALPHA TWO ZERO: God willing. Out.