They're Random, Baby!

Reach Radio Transmissions Beachhead
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ONE: I need to know where I can send these people to!

TWO: You yelling in my ear isn't helping me find solutions any faster.

ONE: The evac stations in Manassas and New Ezhtergom are no longer responding. They haven't been for-

TWO: I'm doing what I can here... The closest evac station to you is.. crap...

ONE: What?

TWO: Never mind, I'm looking for another one.

TWO: Just, if you can, get your people into whatever vehicles you have over there, and-

ONE: What are you talkin' about? [static] Whoa? What was-

TWO: That was a shockwave. Look, you should load all of your people up and just start heading west as fast as you can. I'll keep looking for a-

ONE: This isn't a portable unit! I don't have any way to get back in contact with you.

TWO: Look, I'm sending this over the IMF. It's the number to my personal chatter. Call me when you get everyone moving.

ONE: Oh, God, thank you!

TWO: Don't thank me yet, I still need to find you a way off this rock.

ONE: Thank you, thank you!