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Halo SETI Marines
11/30/-1 General data and resources from the Halo SETI Marines, the SETI@Home team comprised of Halo fans.
Halo Theories Archive
11/30/-1 The old HBO Theories section, featuring dozens of fan-submitted theories about various aspects of the game, before much was known for certain. Now discontinued, due to the game's release.
Matt's Halo Updates
(HBO Prime)
11/30/-1 During the latter stages of Halo's production, Bungie PR representative Matt Soell began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.
Bungie Research Center Photo Archives
(HBO Prime)
11/30/-1 A collection of the pictures gathered by the mysterious Bungie Research Center, depicting enigmatic scenes from Halo production.
Snapshot of Blam! from E3
05/25/99 A small page with a picture showing a quick peek at the beginning stages of Halo, codenamed Blam!. A very quick peek; it's nothing but a snapshot of a blank screen with the word "BLAM" in the corner, taken from E3 1999.
Marathon Logo in Halo Insignia
07/21/99 The first demonstration of the logo of Marathon embedded in the Halo logo.
Halo System Diagram
07/27/99 Back in the heyday of rampant Halo speculation, Tom Pargeter created this lovely visual diagram depicting (as he saw it) the layout of the Halo system - including the position of Halo, its orbited planet, and the moon.
Shikai Wang Gallery
08/05/99 A gallery of largely hand-drawn artwork from Bungie artist Shikai Wang. Non-Halo related, but fairly interesting.
Translation - PCGames Halo Preview
(Transcripts and Translations)
09/21/99 Assorted translations of PCGames's 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Halo Logo Lookalikes
11/10/99 A list of some examples, collected by the community, of logos, symbols, and insignias outside the Halo universe that bear a resemblance to it.
Halo "Volcano" Comparison
11/11/99 Small page debunking visually the speculation that a particular early Halo screenshot showed a volcano erupting on the Halo.
Camera Screenshot Speculation
11/16/99 Analysis of a 1999 Incite gameXpress screenshot of Halo, featuring the old Halo Marine, and some blurry text in the corner about cameras. Included here is the community's speculation as to the meaning of those words.
Translation - PCAction Halo Preview
(Transcripts and Translations)
11/26/99 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PCAction's German preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation/Transcription - PCAction Halo Preview
(Transcripts and Translations)
11/29/99 Translation and transcription by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PCAction's German movie clip of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Incite PC 2000 Movie Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
12/03/99 Transcript from Halo movie from Incite PC's January 2000 cover CD. Featuring Doug Zartman and game explanations.
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