PCAction December 1999

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Translated by Harry "Babelfish sucks" Al-Shakarchi (tomeone@bungie.org)

Halo is coming...

They sweep the wasteland in their jeeps that has a mounted Gatling-gun, chased by flying craft which shoot at the vehicle below them. Explosions light the scene up and thick smoke floats around in the air whilst pieces of debris fly about. Halo will make you experience this on your computers next year.

...and it's bigger than you think

Halo puts you in the role of a stranded soldier on a strange ring world which, along with other survivors, are pitted against the alien Covenants. The world in which you play in is not split up into levels which you must venture through, but is determined by your actions. You can, for example, be the Tank's driver or the one who shoots, you can be sitting shotgun in a jeep and fire away with a rocket launcher or even be a foot soldier that does traditional shoot outs with the Covenant. Your Alter Ego is controlled via birds-eye view, and the controls will stay the same regardless of you being in a tank, an aerial vehicle or on foot.

Recommended system: Pentium III/500 with a newer 3D card
Comparable to: Team Fortress, C&C Renegade
Release: Q3 2000

Page 1 top left picture caption: Load with Energy! The Covenants depend on energy for their weapons to fight the humans on the ring world.

Top right picture caption: Fresh meat for the ground-air rockets! Whether it be pilot or foot soldier, you can assume many roles in Halo.

Bottom left picture caption: Teamwork is the key to winning. You can drive around in this truck in  multiplayer games.

Yellow 'Facts' box: 3rd person action game, fantastic graphics, realistic surroundings.


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