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This is that place where everything that doesn't go somewhere else goes. New to Halo, and wondering what this site talked about for 3 years? Browse around. Wondering where to find that cool Halo font, or where the link to the Halo Updates disappeared to, or wondering about what's been written about Halo in languages other than English? This is the place! Kick up your feet, browse around a bit...

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HBO Prime

These are items that are unique to HBO - or whose presentation is unique. They're things we feel all people interested in Halo would enjoy perusing.
Resource Date Description
Matt's Halo Updates 6 Dec 00 During the latter stages of Halo's production, Bungie PR representative Matt Soell began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.
Bungie Research Center Photo Archives 25 May 01 A collection of the pictures gathered by the mysterious Bungie Research Center, depicting enigmatic scenes from Halo production.
Halo Launch Party Coverage 10 Nov 01 The repository for the collected reports and pictures from the attendees of the Halo Launch Party in 2001, in Chicago.
Flood Anatomy 16 Jan 02 Descriptions and detailed anatomical breakdown of the in-depth mechanics of the Flood. Contains story spoilers.
Maw 700 Contests 21 Mar 02 This is the headquarters of the contest sponsored in March of 2002 by HBO, testing the Warthog-driving abilities of the fans to their utmost. Both pieces, Contest 1 and Contest 2, can be found here.
Xbox Live Bootcamp Writeup 22 Oct 02 A description (with pictures) of the Xbox Live Bootcamp Microsoft hosted in mid-October for a collection of fan website maintainers. Contains speculation about the future of Xbox Live, and includes links to writeups on other sites.
Xbox Live Launch Party Coverage 14 Nov 02 Photos from the celebrity party thrown by Microsoft in Hollywood on the eve of the launch of Xbox Live. Not really Halo-related... but Xbox Live is where Halo 2 will shine.
HBO XBL Gamertag list 28 Dec 02 Tarrsk began the daunting task of maintaining a list of HBO forumgoers, and the Xbox Live Gamertags they used. After it moved to HBO, it became user-managed; visitors can edit their own content, including the games they play, and users of the list can find specific people, or people who play specific games.
One One Se7en 29 Apr 03 Stuntmutt created a long-running Halo comic series that is drawn in MS Paint. Very funny.
HBO Early Archives 10 Jun 03 Archive of the front pages of blam.bungie.org, the forerunner to HBO.
Pillar of Art Contest 19 Jun 03 A traditional media art contest for Halo-related art. There were actual cash prizes, which brought out actual artwork. Killer artwork, even.
Dialogue Databank 7 Jul 03 A collection of Halo dialogue snippets in MP3 and WAV format. They are organized by speaker, and the database is fully searchable.
HBO's Great Halo Scavenger Hunt writeup 6 Nov 03 HBO held a Scavenger Hunt - and a lot of people came. This is the post-mortem.
Plinth of Art 6 Dec 03 The One One Seven Art contest. Entrees, winners, and prizes.
Frankie's Halo 2 Updates 26 Jan 04 During the latter stages of Halo 2's production, Bungie PR representative Frank O'Connor began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.


No, not some guy - it's artwork that doesn't fit into other niches around the site. Scans of flyers distributed at events, model collections (too big for a single Miscellaneous Art submission), icons... just art.
Resource Date Description
Shikai Wang Gallery 5 Aug 99 A gallery of largely hand-drawn artwork from Bungie artist Shikai Wang. Non-Halo related, but fairly interesting.
Gun Models by Ian McConville 13 Apr 00 Ian McConville (artist of the online comic Mac Hall) took the time here to speculate on the appearance of several of Halo's guns, by modeling them in 3d. A nice gallery of the work.
Official Bungie Halo Flyer (E3) 21 May 00 A high-resolution scan of the Bungie's official Halo flyer from E3 2000.
E3 Flyer Scans - Inside 28 May 00 Scan of a press flyer (inside cover) taken from a Bungie E3 presentation movie; shows the Master Chief and contains a brief summary of the Halo backstory. .jpg format.
E3 Flyer Scans - Outside 28 May 00 Scan of a press flyer (outside cover) taken from a Bungie E3 presentation movie; shows the Master Chief and contains a brief summary of the Halo backstory. .jpg format.
Old Halo Marine Icon 5 May 01 A charming little .gif image for use as a system icon, in the shape of the head of the old Halo marine. Downloadable as a miniscule Mac folder. Created by arcarsenal.
Halo Box Image Change 18 Oct 01 A page showing something odd - a side-by-side comparison between the ordinary Halo DVD box, and the thumbnail of the box that was displayed at the online store Futureshop.ca. For whatever reason, Futureshop used a different, completely unknown image.
ASCII Halo Marine 29 Oct 01 A large-scale Halo Marine, done entirely in ASCII art. Created by [SE]X-Com.
ASCII Halo Marine, redux 30 Oct 01 An extremely detailed, very large, colored ASCII depiction of the Halo Marine, done again by [SE]X-Com.
Halo Desktop Icons 1 Mar 02 An assortment of Halo-themed desktop icons for your personal computing needs, in both .gif and .ico format and created by Djoey.154.
OSX Halo Icons 2 Mar 02 An assortment of Mac OSX-ready icon images, made up of various graphics from the Halo universe. Created by Malagigi. You can preview them here, as well.
Japanese Halo Site Goodies 19 Mar 02 A package of some music, sounds, and screens, lifted from the Official Japanse Halo site by Alan Wu, for the sake of the non-Japanese-speaking.
Halo Difficulty Badges 5 Nov 02 Dave Candland sent along high-res versions of the badges that show when you pick your difficulty level in Halo. This is also available as a layered Photoshop file (499k zipped) for anyone who wants to use it in fan-created artwork.
Halo 2 Photo Story slides 10 Jan 03 In early January, 2003, Microsoft released a WMP9-only slideshow. Thanks to some kind readers, we can present to you the individual slides, for all those people without access to a WMP9 player.
Weapons schematics from Halo PDF manual 20 Jan 03 Gholsbane and Brian Hannan went to the trouble of extracting the weapons schematics from the Halo Manual - they're available in both raster and vector formats.


This is a collection of items that contain background information about Halo or its creation. If you want to dig a little deeper... look here.
Resource Date Description
Microsoft Halo Information 21 Sep 01 This is the text that was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page some time ago, containing info on the game, backstory, and other tidbits. Due to a fear for the longevity of the page, it was copied and archived here. Also, additional information has been added after it was accidentally discovered in the form of hidden data on the site.
M60 .wav Recording 22 Oct 01 A small high-quality .wav file of an M60 firing, gleaned from Microsoft's Halo Windows Theme.
Difficulty Levels in Halo 24 Oct 01 A small page showing some television-captured screenshots of the "difficult badges" in Halo, plus the excerpted descriptions of the difficulty levels themselves.
Screen Captures from December 2001 OXM DVD 26 Oct 01 Some random scren captures taken from the Halo clip in the December 2001 Official Xbox Magazine issue DVD, where it was listed as a featured movie. Captured by Chanan.
Microsoft Halo Timeline (2nd) 13 Nov 01 This was posted to the Official Microsoft Halo page on November 14, 2001, and then pulled again soon after. It's an updated timeline (compare with the version posted on September 14) containing some changes and additions.
Voice Actors List 17 Dec 01 A list, compiled by HBO personnel with the help of Bungie Audio Director Marty O'Donnell, placing all of the voice actors in Halo along with their in-game characters.
The Illusion of Intelligence: The Integration of AI and Level Design in Halo 14 Apr 02 Jaime Griesemer (Halo level designer) and Chris Butcher (Halo AI programmer) presented this talk on gaming "intelligence" at the 2002 Game Developer's Conference.
Producing Audio For Halo 15 Apr 02 Marty O'Donnell (Halo Audio Director) presented this talk on the production of the audio in Halo to the 2002 Game Developer's Conference. Touches on numerous issues involving the game's sounds, music, and audio technologies.
Weapons Respawn Times 21 Aug 02 A table containing respawn times for weapons and powerups on the multiplayer maps. These are for the straight slayer gametype - when substitutions happen, respawn times seem to be linked to location, not weapon type. Hmm... that sounds confusing. Go read the page.
Random Stats 20 Oct 02 Zachary Hahn armed himself with a stopwatch and a copy of Halo, and calculated a number of statistics about the Halo world. Check out his results.
Useful Halo Tidbits 6 Nov 02 poena.dare #CP# created several graphic images to illustrate various facts about Halo. They can help you get your bearings far better than straight text will.
A Fan Letter 17 Nov 02 We get plenty of mail here, but there aren't many notes like this one. We thought it was worth sharing.
Loony Sarge 8 Dec 02 An interesting little clip, described by gd in this forum post, recorded for this post. Update, August 2003: This clip is now available both from our Dialogue Databank and Bungie's Dialogue Archive - both are better quality than this original. However, this was still the first we'd heard.
Brian Morden Fund 19 Jan 03 Originally set up to give the HBO community a way to contribute to the Morden family for the expenses incurred by Brian's illness, it's become, after his death, a way for the community to contribute to a Brian Morden higher education scholarship, funding for Ewing's Sarcoma research, and contributions to patient care at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.
Brian Morden Sound Clip 15 Feb 03 A high-quality sound sample of Brian's single line in Halo: CE, provided by Marty O'Donnell.

Fan Creations

Stuff created by you, the fans. Models, Winamp skins, descriptions of insane feats... whatever. If it's in here, a fan made it.
Resource Date Description
Halo GetRight Skin 22 Apr 00 A skin for the FTP program GetRight, by Al Benkowics. Requires version 4.2 or higher.
Halo-themed SETI@home client 5 May 01 arcarsenal's modification to the SETI@home client, with a Halo-esque theme to it.
Halo AR Counter-Strike model 31 Oct 01 A model of the Halo assault rifle, created for use as a weapon mod for Counter-Strike. Modeled by strykerwolf.
Halo WinAmp Skins 9 Dec 01 A selection of ten different Halo-oriented skins for audio player WinAmp. Created by Christian Bender.
Halo Starcraft Maps 26 Mar 02 A collection of several fan-made Starcraft maps, based off single-player and multiplayer Halo levels. Contains links to the downloadable maps as well as in-game screenshots.
Halo Map Designs 11 Apr 02 Some images depicting a few concept designs for possible multiplayer maps for Halo. None of these exist; but someday, if Halo ever allows map creation, they might. Made in AutoCAD by This Side Up.
Halo Movie Script 17 Apr 02 The beginnings of the script to a feature film based on Halo. (Note: this is entirely fictional. There is no film - the script is only an intellectual exercise.) Penned by Kellen Squire
Halo Windows Theme 19 Apr 02 An installable Halo Theme for users of Windows 98, Windows 95, or Windows ME. Facilitated by Doomsdeath.
Halo Figurines 22 Apr 02 Some small Halo "action figures," made from kludges of plastic and paint. Sculpted by Team Overkill.
Halo 64 26 May 02 A parody song called "Halo 64", utilizing Halo-related lyrics set to the Beatles' "When I'm Sixty-Four".
Roger Wilco's Weapons Suggestions 27 May 02 Some interesting vehicle and weapons concepts put forth by forum regular Roger Wilco.
Halo Font 31 May 02 A usable version of the until-now nonexistent "Halo font" - the font used in the Halo logo. Though there's still no official version, Will Turnbow took the time to create a mock-up of his own. Available in TrueType format, for Mac or PC. Also available as a Type 1 Postscript font.
Lego Warthog 1 Jun 02 A new and devious creation, David Karl has built a Halo Warthog out of... Lego blocks. Picture gallery and description included.
Highspeed Highway Halo 8 Jun 02 These be the chronicles of the slightly insane fans called NsomniA, who here show that yes, it is possible to hold a Halo LAN between two cars at 70mph on a freeway.
5-Hour Fragfest Relics 15 Jun 02 Page containing a morsel Halo video created by David Driggs, gleaned from several hours of Halo LAN tournament action. Fairly small, in .mov format, and slightly Myth-themed. Also here are pictures of some "trophies" that David created for the tournament.

Fan Music

The Halo score is impressive enough that it's begun to inspire tributes all by itself. Here you can find music based to some degree on themes found within Halo.
Resource Date Description
Griffon's E3 Remix 24 Nov 00 Absolutely the earliest fan-created musical creation we've seen. 3.3 mb, 3:32 long, created by Griffon, of HCC.
Costly Exfiltration (Sam Says Goodbye) 4 Aug 02 A beautiful piece of music from dogsounds, created as a tribute to Halo. Read the author's comments here.
Mahdrigalo 11 Aug 02 SilverBrin's first offering to the Fan Music scene, a reworking of Marty O'Donnell's 'Siege of Madrigal'. Read the author's comments here.
Edgen's Version of Halo's Main Theme 28 Sep 02 A fantastic piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here. Also available on Edgen's server.
Halo Electronica 28 Oct 02 Another SilverBrin offering, this time with both Halo and Oni influences. Read the author's comments here.
Edgen HALO 2 Theme 11 Nov 02 Another great piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo 2 theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Mahdrigalo 2 19 Nov 02 Another piece from Silverbrin. Started out as a reworking of his original 'Mahdrigalo', turned into something more. Read the author's thoughts here.
Atom's Halo Tribute 25 Dec 02 An audio tribute to Halo. The influence is subtle...
Belly of the Beast (Remix) 31 Dec 02 A powerful piece of Halo fan music, originally posted at Xboxworld.nl. The author was kind enough to write up some comments.
Get Up (Halo Mix) 22 Jan 03 An electronica Halo-sample song created by D.J. Cliché; 5.6 mb.
Ruined Desert 26 May 03 A haunting piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Mombasa 17 Sep 03 Another Silverbrin piece - read the author's comments here.
Halo 2 Hip Hop 18 Nov 03 chaostheory has mixed a bit of music from the Halo 2 trailer with some other samples for a new Hip Hop sound (2:13 long, just under 2 mb).
Halo Master and Chief 15 Dec 03 The sweet radar of the familar opening choral chant to HALO sparked Justin Durban's inspiration to do this track. Read the author's comments here.
Hail to 117 5 Feb 04 A musical creation by Mothergoat (2 minutes, 1.8mb).


Bizarre Halo-related stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else (but is too good to simply toss out).
Resource Date Description
Picture of the Xbox eBay auction 20 Nov 01 A page archived from a wonderful eBay listing, where one happy fellow was auctioning off a "picture of the BRAND NEW XBOX". Bids reached upwards of 300 dollars. Page archived by bungie.org's Doughnut.
Xbox.com April Fools Site 31 Mar 02 An archive of Xbox.com's 2002 April Fools homepage. Contains all sorts of... interesting content.
E3 Fanfest - Closing Up Shop 27 May 02 Picture taken at the end of the 2002 Bungie Fanfest in Santa Monica, showing most of the attendees. Numerous Bungie employees, Bungie fans, and general troublemakers. Snapped by Miguel Chavez.
Bungie Dream Team 31 Aug 02 Picture of the Bungie Dream Team, beaten soundly at the Halo National Championship Finals in LA
Grunt-O-Lantern 31 Oct 02 A Bungie webcam shot showing a Dave Candland Halloween creation. Thanks to mnemesis for saving this while HBO HQ staff was trick-or-treating.
Bungie Fanfest 2003 T-shirts 26 May 03 Some pictures of the myriad of Bungie-related T-shirts available at E3 2003 (not all were PUBLICLY available, but all were obtained at E3).
Limited-Edition E3 Master Chief figures 29 May 03 Photos by Warbow of the mini-Master Chief action figure distributed to Fanfest-goers at the E3 2003 Fanfest. Very cool little guy...
Team HBO Halo 50k 3 Jun 03 Halo 50k pictures and writeup from Team HBO
Keyes Exploration 29 Jul 03 c0ld vengeance uses his modded Xbox and a lot of patience to give Keyes what he always wanted... a tour of his ship.
HBO HaloPC Fanstock Writeup 16 Aug 03 A recounting of an event at Gearbox headquarters in Texas, just before release of Halo PC, aimed at fansite maintainers.
Xbox Halloween costume 3 Nov 03 Chris Macias dressed up as an Xbox for candy. Life-size!
Red vs Blue in the Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 04 Scans of an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Red vs Blue team.


Here you'll find pages or collections of stuff that once had meaning - but has now been superceded. A browse through here is a walk down Halo's Memory Lane.
Resource Date Description
Snapshot of Blam! from E3 25 May 99 A small page with a picture showing a quick peek at the beginning stages of Halo, codenamed Blam!. A very quick peek; it's nothing but a snapshot of a blank screen with the word "BLAM" in the corner, taken from E3 1999.
Marathon Logo in Halo Insignia 21 Jul 99 The first demonstration of the logo of Marathon embedded in the Halo logo.
Halo System Diagram 27 Jul 99 Back in the heyday of rampant Halo speculation, Tom Pargeter created this lovely visual diagram depicting (as he saw it) the layout of the Halo system - including the position of Halo, its orbited planet, and the moon.
Halo Theories Archive 2 Aug 99 The old HBO Theories section, featuring dozens of fan-submitted theories about various aspects of the game, before much was known for certain. Now discontinued, due to the game's release.
Halo SETI Marines 2 Nov 99 General data and resources from the Halo SETI Marines, the SETI@Home team comprised of Halo fans.
Halo Logo Lookalikes 10 Nov 99 A list of some examples, collected by the community, of logos, symbols, and insignias outside the Halo universe that bear a resemblance to it.
Halo "Volcano" Comparison 11 Nov 99 Small page debunking visually the speculation that a particular early Halo screenshot showed a volcano erupting on the Halo.
Camera Screenshot Speculation 16 Nov 99 Analysis of a 1999 Incite gameXpress screenshot of Halo, featuring the old Halo Marine, and some blurry text in the corner about cameras. Included here is the community's speculation as to the meaning of those words.
Titan AE Screens 15 Dec 99 A few images highlighting the "similarities" between the movie Titan AE and Halo. Snagged by Alex Dillard.
bTV Screen Captures 6 Jan 00 Justin Garcia's screen captures from Day One of Bungie's webcasted bTV live video stream.
bTV Day 2 Halo Backstory Summary 7 Jan 00 From Day 2 of bTV coverage in May 2000, this audio clip consists of a full and detailed summary of the Halo backstory, as it existed then.
bTV Day 4 Screen Captures 13 Jan 00 Screen captures of the 2000 bTV webcast, featuring some early Halo characters and weapons. Taken by Harry Al-Shakarchi.
F*ck That Movie Clip 18 Jan 00 This is the well-known piece of Miguel Chavez's video interview with Jason Jones, in which Jason expresses his opinions on Body Count (or deathmatch-style play) in Halo.
WebCam Play-By-Play 3 Mar 00 Unbroken monologue from fan Kristian Attfield (AKA Finch), reporting as he watches some early PC Halo play over the Bungie Webcam.
Master Chiefs in Jeep 18 Mar 00 Email from Hamish Sinclair (of the Marathon's Story site) containing semi-new image of two old-style Master Chief in original Jeep, one driving, one gunning.

Transcripts and Translations

Often, when large movies were released, or non-English articles on Halo were written, we'd post a transcription (or translation) of the item. You'll find our collection here.
Resource Date Description
Translation - PCGames Halo Preview 21 Sep 99 Assorted translations of PCGames's 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - PCAction Halo Preview 26 Nov 99 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PCAction's German preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation/Transcription - PCAction Halo Preview 29 Nov 99 Translation and transcription by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PCAction's German movie clip of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Incite PC 2000 Movie Transcript 3 Dec 99 Transcript from Halo movie from Incite PC's January 2000 cover CD. Featuring Doug Zartman and game explanations.
Translation - GameCaptain's Halo Preview 13 Dec 99 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of Game Captain's German preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - Gamez.de's Halo Preview 13 Dec 99 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of Gamez.de's 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - PCGames Halo Preview 13 Dec 99 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PCGames's 1999 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - GameStar Halo Preview 23 Jan 00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of GameStar's January 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - Power Play's Halo Preview 9 Feb 00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of Power Play's German preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Summary of Czech BonusWeb Halo Review 22 Feb 00 Summary of Czechoslovakian BonusWeb's Halo review by Jiri Cermak.
Translation - Top of Games Halo Preview 28 Feb 00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of Top of Games's German preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - MacNews Halo Preview 14 Mar 00 Translation by Mikkel Eriksen of MacNews's 2000 Danish Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - GameStar Halo Preview 3 Apr 00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of GameStar's April 2000 German Halo preview of the original PC/Mac Halo.
Translation - PC Games "Battle for the Ringworld" 6 Jun 00 Translation by Harry Al-Shakarchi of PC Games's German "Battle for the Ringworld" article featuring the original PC/Mac Halo.
Gamestock Halo Transcript 11 Jul 00 Transcript of Joe Staten's narration from the 2001 Gamestock Halo presentation.