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August 5, 2002 Link to this post

You gotta hear this...
Apologies for the lack up updates - I spent the day at a music festival with my family. Too much sun, too much driving, lots of great music... and what do I come back to? MORE great music! dogsounds (recently in the news for his cartooning skills) has dropped off our first Fan Music submission... and I'm pretty impressed! dogsounds says:

I had a few hours spare this weekend so I cobbled together some 'fan music' I guess you could call it, inspired by the SACRED GAME and Uncle Marty's classic musical outpourings.

It was a bit rushed to be honest, so it's not brilliant or anything, and I was having some troubles with my sampler (noting a swift twat about the front panel can't fix, probably), but I hope everyone enjoys it. Maybe others will be inspired to write their own Halo fan music!

I based it on the scene in 'The Fall Of Reach' where Sam realizes that, because of damage to his armor, he can't leave the doomed Covenant ship that is on a countdown to destruction, and so must stay behind and accept his fate.

It's called 'Costly Exfiltration (Sam Says Goodbye)', but I've renamed the mp3 to be more internet friendly. Grab sam.says.goodbye.mp3 (3.5 mb) today, and be sure to post what you think! (Louis Wu 04:18:29 UTC)

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