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January 14, 2024 Link to this post

Warthog Jump Anniversary
This is really neat. DiscipleN2k dropped by with a link to a video by MitchMakesGames interviewing longstanding community member BOLL, who years ago made the Warthog Jump Flash game that still graces HBO. In addition to learning more about BOLL's experience, MitchMakesGames also made a remastered version you can check out as well. (fuchsdh 20:41:52 UTC)

August 21, 2019 Link to this post

Last chance to set sail on a Spartan-themed ship for Sea of Thieves
If you play Sea of Thieves any time between the 20th and 24th this month, you can nab a pretty spiffy theme for your ship. Thanks for the reminder, BOLL. (fuchsdh 18:21:43 UTC)

October 3, 2017 Link to this post

Virtual or Mixed Reality Experience 'Halo Recruit' Coming on October 17th
Interested in the world of virtual reality? (Hi BOLL!) Looks like we'll be landing our first Halo VR experience on October 17th called Halo Recruit. In it you will be able to visit with various Halo characters, even take a look at a warthog and stand toe to toe with an elite! You can read more about it with this piece from The Verge. (MacGyver10 22:06:40 UTC)

August 28, 2017 Link to this post

Halo Experiences Coming to Microsoft Mixed Reality
When your two passions meet, you let people know about it! BOLL shared the news that in some form or fashion, a Halo experience will be coming to Microsoft Mixed Reality! While there are no details as of now, there at least is confirmation of on-going work with 343 Industries to make it happen! (MacGyver10 20:07:09 UTC)

March 27, 2017 Link to this post

Shesez' 'Off Camera Secrets' Series Looks at Halo: CE's Techno-magic
BOLL shared a cool video by Shesez' 'Off Camera Secrets' series that takes a loon at Halo: CE and some of the tech slight-of-hand used to make things look spiffy in-game. You can see the video on YouTube and watch what might be new to you (I had no idea there were 'spartans' in the other cryo-tubes at the start of the game)! (MacGyver10 17:49:24 UTC)

February 19, 2013 Link to this post

Revisiting a 10-year-old talk
Wow, was THIS a blast from the past... in more ways than one! BOLL stopped by (!!!) to point out that a 2003 GDC talk by Jaime Griesemer, Marty O'Donnell, and Mat Noguchi (and Hamilton Chu!) was made available in video form. Back in 2006, Gamasutra released the audio, and soon after Jaime provided us with the slides... but this is the first time the video has been made available for free. Go watch! (Louis Wu 14:50:16 UTC)

December 9, 2012 Link to this post

Master Rift
BOLL stopped in with a Halo-related image he created for a fun challenge on a different forum... pretty cool! (Louis Wu 17:03:44 UTC)

March 14, 2011 Link to this post

Win a Defiant Code - with Skill
If you're hating the idea of being the fastest Twitter reader, we've got another way for you to win Defiant Map Pack codes - all you need to do is prove your skill at a retro Halo game. Back in 2002, BOLL created a Pelican Flash game - fly that Pelican as far as you can without hitting anything, and you can put yourself on the high score list. Get into the Top 3 list on any of the five levels, and you'll find yourself in possession of a Defiant Map Pack code this evening, at 7:30pm EST. (Yes, that's a bit late for Europeans. Sorry.) You can only win once, even if you show up more often than that. You'll be prompted for a name on the final screen, and an email address and a Gamertag after you submit your score - all of these are optional. If you choose not to submit a name, you'll never even see the email/gt screen. If you choose not to submit a valid email address or gamertag, your entry will not qualify for the prizes. Thanks to BOLL for the addictive game... and to 343 for the codes! Check your engines - and fly straight! (Louis Wu 18:29:26 UTC)

February 21, 2011 Link to this post

An Oldie Boll A Goodie
Just in case anyone else had forgotten, or not seen it in the first place... Go launch a Warthog. Seriously, it's still fun after all these years. I'd easily pay 400msp for an XBLA version with Leaderboards and Achievements. Thanks to Morpheus for the nostalgia... (GrimBrother One 06:05:35 UTC)

April 29, 2010 Link to this post

So last night we put up a fun little Flash game (still up now, feel free to play) to collect data we'd be using to give out some F&F Reach Beta codes. It went really, really well. If you want a summary of how the gifting went, go read this. If you just want to enjoy the craziness that only BOLL can provide, go play. (Louis Wu 17:55:13 UTC)

July 31, 2009 Link to this post

It's not the heat... wait, no, it's the heat
Whoa - looks like Bungie's going underground today... so the Weekly Update has been posted pretty early. They were so light on new content that they recycled an old soapbox article written by CJ Cowan almost exactly 6 years ago (you can see it in its original format over at Archive.org, if you're so inclined). There's also a reminder of the ViDoc that dropped yesterday... and a passel of new screens, in nice hi-res format. And some warnings about bans and such. And a very cool screenshot (BOLL, are you still reading these? You should check this out). You can, as always, read this in our Weekly Update Archive (which, unlike Bungie's version, actually validates). (Louis Wu 17:00:28 UTC)

June 14, 2009 Link to this post

Grunt Name Generator
TWENTY4pack told us about a new name generator - this one builds Grunt names (and ranks). It's reminiscent of Stuntmutt and BOLL's Elite Namelizer - but for Grunts. (Louis Wu 13:45:02 UTC)

April 1, 2009 Link to this post

Forum overhaul
BOLL has returned to help out with our makeover. Check out the work he's done on our forum! (Louis Wu 19:45:31 UTC)

October 31, 2008 Link to this post

Enigmatic Observation... Revisited
Whoa, very cool. A couple of years ago, BOLL created a really intricate easter egg for One One Se7en, Stuntmutt's long-running Halo comic. It's unclear how many people found it at the time... but over in his blog, he's written up the whole episode - thought process, intermediate artwork, and more. A fascinating look into the brain of one of HBO's most prolific content submitters! Check it out. (Louis Wu 16:54:21 UTC)

August 15, 2008 Link to this post

Master Chief meets Bollywood?
Crispy Gamer's James Fudge pointed us to this news bit about a Bollywood movie that apparently revolves around a fictional designer of Halo 3. As CG says, the trailer mentioned in the article has no Halo content at all... so we'll have to take their word for it. (A Google search turns up a bunch of synopses of the film - but again, no Halo mention.) (Louis Wu 14:33:20 UTC)

June 13, 2008 Link to this post

Syndicated Forum Goodness
So a week or so ago, General Vagueness asked whether our forum had an RSS feed, so that he could keep up on the latest posts without having to drop in and load the main page. There wasn't one... then. Two long-time contributors jumped in to fill the void - BOLL whipped up a php-based feed, and almost immediately afterwards Ciarán sent along modifications to the actual forum script that created a perl-based feed that's updated as new posts are made. I kept meaning to combine the best parts of these two scripts - we don't need two - but life's been busy this week, so I decided to leave it up to the users. Check 'em both out, decide what you like about each, and add your comments to this thread. we'll put together a final version based on your recommendations. Thanks, of course, to both Ciarán and BOLL - you guys rock. (Louis Wu 18:26:54 UTC)

December 2, 2007 Link to this post

He gets better parking spaces, too.
Because Bungie likes BOLL better than you, they sent him a really, really cool present. Take a look: (front | left | back | right) Yes, it's okay to be jealous. (I am.) (Louis Wu 15:45:57 UTC)

June 29, 2007 Link to this post

Fishy Trip Mine.
BOLL's third guest One One Se7en goes up today... all I can say is, give it a few seconds to sink in. (Louis Wu 12:00:17 UTC)

June 27, 2007 Link to this post

Batteries Not Included.
BOLL, unhappy with the idea that ZZoMBiE13 got a full week's worth of guest strips for One One Se7en, while he only got a single day, has submitted extra strips for your viewing pleasure. Check out today's strip and see if you approve! (Louis Wu 15:08:55 UTC)

June 25, 2007 Link to this post

Anti-Betrayal Deployment.
Today's Guest One One Se7en strip was created by BOLL - and it shows that not everyone is enamored with Halo 3's bubble shield. Folks might want to keep this strip in mind when playing against Stuntmutt this fall... (Louis Wu 17:03:15 UTC)

June 22, 2007 Link to this post

Illusions are teh bomb
BOLL is known for his sanity-bending Flash creations - but this time, the creation is just an image, no Flash in sight... and we need to seriously warn people prone to epileptic seizure not to follow the link. For the rest of you, the image is pretty cool. (Louis Wu 13:30:48 UTC)

May 15, 2007 Link to this post

Great Beta Moments
Neo-genesis pointed out a really funny Youtube clip - I never realized you could do that with a mancannon! (While we're pointing out funny clips, BOLL posted one a couple of days ago...) (Louis Wu 13:24:29 UTC)

May 12, 2007 Link to this post

Halo3-based HUD concept
BOLL was hit with inspiration, and created a concept HUD for Halo 3 - very, very cool. Go read his rationale, and look at the final product! (Louis Wu 13:44:30 UTC)

January 15, 2007 Link to this post

Itsa me, BruteKiller
Heh - BOLL's been playing again... (Louis Wu 21:41:15 UTC)

November 30, 2006 Link to this post

MS PR says limited beta
We're still waiting for confirmation from Bungie on some of the more controversial pieces of this... but a Microsoft press release sent out this morning suggests that the Halo 3 beta next spring will be limited to North America, and that it will NOT be all-inclusive.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 4, by visiting http://www.halo3.com, gamers in North America will be able to register for the opportunity to be one of the select members to join the unprecedented "Halo 3" public beta program, scheduled to kick off in spring 2007.

Astute readers will have noticed that that Halo3.com url redirects to Bungie.net right now - it remains to be seen if there'll be a special portal next Monday. Thanks to Sep7imus, who found this at Kotaku, and BOLL, who found it at Destructoid. Update: the full press release can be read here, on Gamerscoreblog - thanks, chargeorge. (Louis Wu 19:05:30 UTC)

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