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October 11, 2003 Link to this post

A thought about PC mods
Small note for uploaders: there are a number of folks who've uploaded mods of existing maps to us, all (at this stage) involving simple hex editing of the mapfile to change weapons, or effects. It's great that folks are modding Halo PC before the official tools even get released... but we're having trouble justifying the bandwidth needs for such basic modifications. For example: someone recreated BOLL's 'Wheels on Fire' mod - except only the wheels part (and projectile impacts). The resultant zip file is over 5 megs... don't get me wrong, it's cool and all, but I'd rather wait until there are tools that can create a 5k patcher than house a 5 mb full map for a change this small. There are plenty of Halo mod sites on the net that can house these; we're going to wait until more complicated mods are available before we start our collection. Thanks! (Louis Wu 14:10:46 UTC)

October 5, 2003 Link to this post

Give that guy a ticket.
New movie from BOLL over at HaloMods - Xbox footage of some really, really, REALLY fast vehicles. So fast that control is the major challenge. (Outrunning Wraith blasts is pretty simple...) Thanks to SourceGuy for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 17:06:17 UTC)

October 2, 2003 Link to this post

Stripped Archive - for folks who have Halo PC
BOLL hit upon the very intelligent (but not previously considered) idea of yanking the map files from the server download. This is NOT a download for someone who wants to simply unpack the server and go... but if you're going to be serving from the same machine that you've already got Halo PC installed on, it's much easier to download a 1.7 mb file and copy over the mapfiles from a second directory... you'll find the link at the bottom of our mirror page (and ITS mirror). (Louis Wu 21:48:17 UTC)

September 23, 2003 Link to this post

Next Generation.
Today's Guest One One Se7en comes from the multifaceted BOLL, who looks at platform issues... (Louis Wu 09:05:29 UTC)

September 16, 2003 Link to this post

Halo 2 screen from X03
Whoa. op_ivy seems to have turned up the first new Halo 2 screen from X03, in France. (This is a big annual trade show.) Gorgeous! (Ross Mills found a larger version at Worthplaying.com... and BOLL found this one (4.8 mb - careful). Whoa. More later. (Louis Wu 22:46:48 UTC)

September 10, 2003 Link to this post

The man's insane. Yes, insane.
Whoa. BOLL has put a minimalist (but quite functional) face on his rather enormous collection of Halo material; some of this stuff is housed here at HBO, some of it is not. (I'm going to have to go through and figure out what we've got and what we don't and yank the good stuff; that's gonna take a LOONNG time.) While you're waiting for us to do that, though, feel free to browse on your own. There's tons of fun stuff to uncover. Comments can be added to this forum thread. (Louis Wu 13:31:28 UTC)

September 1, 2003 Link to this post

Flash Pelican, Revisited
Timing rocks, sometimes. Stuntmutt turned in a One One Se7en strip referencing BOLL's Flash Pelican game - I worried that by the time it aired, folks would have forgotten about the game. Skavenger reminded the world just a day or two ago, though, with his monster forum tale... (Louis Wu 00:18:55 UTC)

August 28, 2003 Link to this post

We Grew Up Fast
The Juggler has sent in a new hacking movie - in the vein of BOLL's movies, but full of footage not seen before. Some pretty cool stuff. I think it's unlikely we'll be posting any MORE of this type of movie - but this one is definitely worth watching. Timing is great, and the music choice fits very well. It's available as a 480x360 QuickTime .mov, weighing in at just around 40 mb. We'd love mirrors; files.bungie.org won't be able to serve it alone. Update: The Juggler has got a copy of the movie on his own site, as well. Further Update: It's now mirrored at Rampancy.net, as well. (Louis Wu 08:46:44 UTC)

August 26, 2003 Link to this post

Elitist Views.
Today's Guest One One Se7en comes from Mikey Cd - it seems he has a bone to pick with BOLL. Poor MC... (Louis Wu 09:19:16 UTC)

August 25, 2003 Link to this post

Don't you shoot that Ghost at me...
What happens when you drive your warthog too fast? Why, the wheels catch on fire, of course. (DivX and QuickTime formats, 15-18 mb.) Blood Gulch looks amazingly bleak... and the weapons mods are pretty hilarious. BOLL continues to turn out seriously entertaining hacking vids. (Louis Wu 04:17:45 UTC)

August 24, 2003 Link to this post

Revoke that man's license!
Did you ever wish you could make the Warthog go faster? Check out BOLL's MonsterHog, and see why that might not be the best thing... faster speed, yeah, but much harder to control. (Louis Wu 15:14:27 UTC)

August 19, 2003 Link to this post

Hacking can be really pretty.
Once again, BOLL delivers the video madness. His latest vid is called 'Bah'. It was created as an accompaniment for dmauro's 'How to make a Warthog Fly' tutorial (down, now, but the basic content is here), but it took longer than he'd expected. Worth the wait, though... 3:15 long, 320x240, available in DivX or QuickTime. You can grab his original QuickTime (20.8 mb) or the DivX version (21.6) from his forum post... or you can conserve a bit of his bandwidth, and grab a re-encoded QuickTime from us (same quality, 6 mb smaller). The Ghost battles have to be seen to be believed. (Louis Wu 08:57:24 UTC)

August 17, 2003 Link to this post

Random media, he says. Whoa.
More boatloads of screenshots and movies from BOLL, based on his hacking explorations... there are some amazing shots in here. Check 'em out! Narcogen has made thumbs of all of 'em, over at Rampancy.net, for your easier browsing pleasure. Update: Break Point mentions that he, too, has mirrored the shots (with thumbs). (Louis Wu 16:02:31 UTC)

August 13, 2003 Link to this post

People who fly in glass Longswords...
Hehe... folks have always wondered what's under the MC's helmet; the final cutscene shows him removing it just before the camera moves out of range of the window, tantalizing you but not actually showing you anything. c0ld vengeance and BOLL teamed up to build you some X-Ray Glasses... and it's pretty surprising what you find. (Louis Wu 04:00:30 UTC)

August 9, 2003 Link to this post

Happy Hacking Mirror Madness
Okay, okay... due to some oddnesses, there are now THREE QuickTime versions of BOLL's Happy Hacking video. There's a 15.8 mb, 320x240 version - medium quality. There's one that's 18.3 mb, 320x240, high quality. And there's one that's 400x300, 26.9 mb, high quality. You can find The smallest one at C.O.E.R.C.E. and Team Ice, as well as BOLL's server. You can find the smaller screensize, higher-quality version at BOLL's server and files.bungie.org, a new bandwidth source we've brought online. And you can find the larger version also at BOLL's server and files.bungie.org. Enjoy! (Louis Wu 22:18:25 UTC)

August 9, 2003 Link to this post

The Kobayashi Maru Approach
lol - he just won't stop. When Halo first came out, one of the earliest disappointments was that there didn't seem to be any way to get a flyable Banshee on the level Halo. You could (if you were lucky) knock an Elite pilot out of his craft... but you wouldn't be able to get in. Hopes rose again when Halo Hacking first hit the scene... until it was discovered that even after bumping an Elite, you couldn't climb into a Banshee. BOLL wasn't willing to give up, though - he's used Pfhorslayer's replacement hacks to swap Foehammer's first Warthog on that level for a Banshee... and THAT, you can fly. Is it time for me to hack my Xbox? (I think it's bedtime... too much excitement for one day.) (Louis Wu 02:59:18 UTC)

August 9, 2003 Link to this post

When Rockets are Cheap...
Okay, so BOLL decided to run with the info he learned yesterday about hacking Halo... and created a 4:42 long look at some of the absurd (but oh-so-cool) things you can do now. Want a LAAG gun that shoots Master Chiefs? You got it. How about rapid-fire rockets? Heck... how about plasma grenades? This has to be seen to be believed. So here's the deal. BOLL's put up three different copies for you to grab; they're all 320x240, and the same length, they just differ in compression:

  • QuickTime (high framerate, 19.7 mb download)
  • DivX (29.8 mb download)
  • QuickTime (higher quality, lower framerate, 22.5 mb download)

In addition, I re-encoded the first version to be quite a bit smaller, without much loss of quality; you can grab the re-encoded version (15.7 mb) from two places:

To make matters even MORE confusing, BOLL is in the process of uploading the original (1.6 GB) version to our ftp folder; once we've got it, we'll create one or two QuickTime versions. One will be the same filesize as the existing movie (~15-20 mb), but much higher visual quality, the other will be larger (both filesize and screensize). If you only want to download once, you might want to wait until tomorrow. This one is a must-see; even if you're not excited by the hacking scene, it's a hoot to see how much damage you can do when you're standing in a tower of 3 dozen master chiefs and your assault rifle fires frag grenades... Update: Nick yanked his mirror last night. However, Team Ice has tossed it up; you can grab it from this page. (Louis Wu 02:33:25 UTC)

August 7, 2003 Link to this post

More oddness - gravity gun this time
fireburner, bryn, and gravityman played with the flamethrower/gravity gun hack, and captured this footage of the gravity gun killing a player on Mount Wanker (their name). DivX-encoded AVI, 549K, and there seems to be a problem with the sound (though it's not really necessary to see the action). Interesting... Update: Tons of pics of the Gravity Rifle (not visible in the first vid), plus extra video footage, from BOLL and company on our forum. Check it out! (Read the whole thread. There's much more info about the killing possibilities...) (Louis Wu 22:10:33 UTC)

August 7, 2003 Link to this post

Fer the luv o' Pete...
A long time ago, some screenshots of the Halo Flamethrower (in the Xbox version) floated around the net - speculation from Bungie employees at the time revolved around someone with access to an XDK (Xbox Development Kit), and the willingness to break their Non-Disclosure Agreements. When pushed, the producer of the shots in question backed off - and the matter was dropped. Well, this morning, PfhorSlayer (programmer behind Aquaduct, the Macintosh tunneling app) popped into our forum with some surprising pictures. A couple of hours later, Nick posted more of his own. Nobody in the thread was willing to answer HOW this all happened... and speculation raged about whether this was a hoax or not. This afternoon, BOLL got some info from Phforslayer, and recorded a movie that would be very, very hard to fake. You can't hurt anyone with this (since the code was yanked, there's no damage information), and it looks... unfinished (as well it might be), but it's certainly real. And it was accomplished with just a modded off-the-shelf Xbox (NOT a Dev Kit), and a bit of ingenuity. Wow. (If you have a modded Xbox, Macegac has written up a short tutorial on how to get this for yourself. If you don't have a modded Xbox... please don't ask us how you get one.) Update: BOLL points out that you CAN kill people with the flamethrower... but only if they're in a ghost. (Well, other vehicles might be possible, as well; he and Macegac only tested a ghost.) Oddness continues... (Louis Wu 19:44:05 UTC)

August 3, 2003 Link to this post

RingWorld, anyone?
It's BOLL day, it appears. The guy just doesn't stop. Check out his Halo Discs - I could see printing these as CD labels, I really could. (Louis Wu 14:35:19 UTC)

August 3, 2003 Link to this post

Auto-aim - not QUITE as helpful as all that
An update on yesterday's Auto-Aim demonstration: Followup posts have shown this effect to be due to a slightly defective controller; auto-aim requires that the player is MOVING before it kicks in. (It's still pretty strong, at times... but the auto-tracking you saw at the start of the movie was actually induced by a slight movement on the part of the controller, coupled with auto-aim.) BOLL doesn't want anyone to believe he tried to trick the Halo community on purpose. (Louis Wu 13:57:08 UTC)

August 3, 2003 Link to this post

A cacophony in E minor
BOLL's at it again... he's not totally happy with the way this came out, but in general, BOLL + Halo + Flash = Fun, no matter how you slice it. This one's about 72 kb, so it shouldn't strain anybody too much. (Louis Wu 00:43:20 UTC)

August 2, 2003 Link to this post

Halo's auto-aim... up close and personal
Wow. BOLL was trying to capture some footage, but the cameraman was low on health... and wouldn't stand still. Check out the film in this post - it shows how huge a difference there is in the auto-aim boost between a 1-bar player and a full-health player. Now THAT'S a helping hand! (Louis Wu 20:49:12 UTC)

July 29, 2003 Link to this post

On the BOLL
Three Miscellaneous entries by BOLL, over the past week - all have been posted to our forum, but they all have a permanent home here now at HBO, and some organization has been applied. In no particular order:

  • Halo Clock 2 - BOLL reinvents an older Flash animation in an eminently watchable toy.
  • Sentinels - Looking almost as though they'd come from a dev kit, here are several animated views of Sentinels, opening and closing for you. (Javascript required.)
  • Mapping Halo - A very high-quality look at the map tiles Bungie used to create the Halo itself; lays to rest several questions about the accuracy of the ring, as you can see it in various places.

If you missed these when they first came through, check 'em out now. If you were impressed once, pass the URLs on to your friends, and watch THEIR jaws drop. BOLL proves, several times over, that his Halo-induced creativity is awesome. (Louis Wu 14:39:04 UTC)

July 28, 2003 Link to this post

Predator - stalking a marine near you
We didn't want to announce this on the front page before there was some backup... but now there is some backup. c0ld vengeance (who did a pretty amazing job with Haliens, once upon a time) is back with Predator, a remake of (a chunk of) the movie Predator, in the Halo engine. Some very, very nice touches. It's available in two formats; a 48 mb DivX-encoded AVI (it's almost 7 minutes long), or a 21 mb QuickTime 5 version. (Both are roughly the same quality, though the QT version is a tad darker in a couple of places.) You can find the .avi at c0ldvengeance.com (thanks to BOLL), doughmainename.com (thanks to gwdp...to), and FilePlanet. The .mov is currently only available at c0ldvengeance.com. Viewer comments can be found in this thread. As an aside, I find it rather amazing how many movies we've announced today, given the current bandwidth crunch... (Louis Wu 21:24:59 UTC)

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