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April 11, 2003 Link to this post

Make 'em do the wave, dude...
Recently, BOLL added yet another cool Flash animation to his Halo-related stable. You can see it in our forum, or you can check it out on its own in our Miscellaneous section. (The animation itself is tiny - 12k.) They make me giggle... (Louis Wu 12:57:45 UTC)

March 11, 2003 Link to this post

Halo-Se is no more
The Swedish Halo site Halo-Se is being taken down (lack of staff, it seems). We'll yank it from our Links page soon. (Thanks to BOLL for the heads-up.) (Louis Wu 00:02:56 UTC)

March 8, 2003 Link to this post

What would YOU call it?
Hehe... BOLL is building a new desktop, and needs help with a caption. Do your stuff. Update: Looks like BOLL changed his mind - he doesn't want captions. (The pic is still worth looking at, though...) (Louis Wu 10:45:47 UTC)

February 25, 2003 Link to this post

WideSpaceHalo... a bit narrower
Random Hero took BOLL's recent tri-monitor desktop and created a single-monitor version with all the images. You'll find it in our Wallpaper section. Update: oops, missed one - here's another from Michael Frank. Enjoy. (Louis Wu 18:28:15 UTC)

February 24, 2003 Link to this post

Wallpaper collection updated
Whoa. Back... and faced with thousands of emails. The nice part is, Count Zero has taken care of a large chunk of the Halo ones. One thing he left, though, was artwork - there are 8 new desktops submitted in the past week, and you'll find 'em in our Wallpaper section. There are also 3 images submitted last week that got their own page; BOLL requested that they be submitted, individually, to the Wallpaper section. Miscellaneous Art coming soon. (If you submitted a desktop via ftp, and you don't see it in this collection, it's probably because you didn't bother to tell us who you are.) (Louis Wu 19:59:34 UTC)

February 18, 2003 Link to this post

The Ultimate Desktop
BOLL sent us a collection of three images, created from Bungie.net shots and NASA images, that are designed to be used together on a 3-monitor array. If you've got the screen real estate, this is a pretty fine desktop collection to use on it! And because these came in to our FTP site, they've reminded me that we've recently gotten many uploads with no attribution - if we don't know who made it, we're not going to post it. Drop off a small text file, containing the relevant info (name, email, what file you've uploaded, that sort of thing) - just like BOLL did! (Louis Wu 00:06:02 UTC)

January 26, 2003 Link to this post

Screens, screens, and more screens
Nice work by BOLL - he discovered a couple of unreferenced screens on Bungie.net in the newest batch of Halo 2 uploads; one of them has been seen before (in the recent Halo 2 Photo Story), but the other is brand-spankin' new. And a gorgeous shot it is! (Louis Wu 01:28:38 UTC)

October 24, 2002 Link to this post

Man, how cool is that?
Dang, and it's times like these I wish I had a webcam. BOLL has created yet another Flash masterpiece; this one's a bit larger (640K), and requires that you have a webcam attached to your PC... but if you do, you can put your own face behind the visor of the Master Chief! (Three different image options.) Check it out. (Louis Wu 09:22:12 UTC)

September 29, 2002 Link to this post

Dead trees become bits
Five new magazine bits for you - no, we can't bring you the newest Edge or EGM mags yet, but there are a couple of articles from the August 2002 XBM, a couple more from the same issue of XGamer, and the article that got forumgoer BOLL into Halo fandom, a 2-pager from the June 2000 issue of PC Gamer Sweden. You'll find these (and several dozen others) in our Press Scans section. (Louis Wu 21:56:56 UTC)

September 29, 2002 Link to this post

Play with this.
Okay, so it's simple. It's just so cool, though. If you can spare about 200k of downloading, and have Flash installed, go take a look at BOLL's MC model. It makes me giggle. Update: Chime in. (Louis Wu 00:00:06 UTC)

September 16, 2002 Link to this post

Tinker to Evers to Chance...
BOLL has created a nice Flash animation showing the cool bumpmapping of the Halo 2 Master Chief. We'll add it to the Miscellaneous section soon. (Louis Wu 01:24:23 UTC)

September 14, 2002 Link to this post

Microsoft is learning the hard way that coordinating data releases across multiple sources is nearly impossible these days. A few days ago, the cover of the French MOX (Official Xbox Magazine) was leaked on the internet... then pulled less than 24 hours later under MS pressure. The damage was done, though, and early versions of this tantalizing new Halo 2 content were out there. Today, two new leaks have occurred - BOLL received (over a week early) a copy of the Swedish magazine Super Play containing new pictures... and davex5647 found some online scans of this month's Edge magazine, also out almost a week ahead of schedule. There are new enemies, new vehicles... possibly new weapons to come. (The full Edge article isn't online anywhere yet - and it's unclear if it WILL be.) We don't condone the posting of copyrighted print material before it's actually off the shelves... but the fact remains, it's out there; Microsoft's careful plan to have all magazines with this info be released on the same day (September 17) lies in tatters on the floor, stomped on by the near-instantaneous information transfer capabilities of the internet. (Louis Wu 21:48:47 UTC)

August 20, 2002 Link to this post

Now you see it...
Hmm... interesting. BOLL noticed that the Halo 2 trailer countdown at xbox.com is gone. Glitch in their database system, or something more nefarious? (Louis Wu 08:46:10 UTC)

August 1, 2002 Link to this post

Artistic Expression
Thursday's Miscellaneous Art:

  • Checkov's Elite Drawing - a sketch
  • Infectus, by BOLL - a Half-Life model of a Halo character (minor spoilers here)

You'll find this stuff in our Miscellaneous Art section. (Louis Wu 14:54:06 UTC)

July 31, 2002 Link to this post

Not porn, we promise
Artistic submissions today:

  • CrAzYjOhN911 submitted a VERY large scan of a Halo sketch
  • BOLL submitted a modified screenshot using Swedish candy, inspired by this forum thread

You can find both in our Miscellaneous Art section. (Louis Wu 13:59:39 UTC)

June 18, 2002 Link to this post

Hop in, Sarge!
Hehe - it's the wrong color, but BOLL's got the right idea... how many of you miss that rocket launcher? (Louis Wu 22:45:47 UTC)

May 21, 2002 Link to this post

Van der Rohe was right...
Heh - what do you do when you're playing Counter-Strike and you need a quick virtual break? Well, you sit down and play Halo, of course! BOLL has made it possible - details can be found in our Miscellaneous Art section. Very, very fun (even if you don't play C-S!). (Louis Wu 01:07:36 UTC)

January 22, 2001 Link to this post

EBWorld - full of something...
For those who missed this the first time (or the second, or the third, or...) Matt Soell, Community Guy, has gone on record yet again on the issue of the PC version being cancelled:

It's a load of bollocks. There WILL be a Mac/PC Halo.

(Read the rest of the post for further elucidation.) As we said... if it didn't come from Bungie, you don't know it. (Louis Wu 19:09:43 UTC)

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