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March 20, 2004 Link to this post

The Infection Spreads
Just when you thought it was safe to read *NM* posts on our forum again... BOLL strikes. Call the office of Homeland Security! (Louis Wu 02:41:22 UTC)

March 11, 2004 Link to this post

It's Harrison Bergeron all over again
BOLL is still playing the Flash game... though I warn you, don't open this with your volume set high. And don't open it at ALL if you're epileptic. (Louis Wu 21:45:15 UTC)

March 8, 2004 Link to this post

Mmmmm... cake
BOLL art + Rapture Birthday = FunFunFun. (Louis Wu 02:53:14 UTC)

March 5, 2004 Link to this post

A saxophone, eh?
Do a search for BOLL in our news archive, you'll come up with almost 100 hits. The vast majority of those are for cool toys - games, images, animations... the man's a producing machine. If you're interested in how he thinks, TheBeast, over at Levels4you.com, has interviewed him. The focus is on modding... but there's some general info, too. (Louis Wu 09:44:27 UTC)

March 2, 2004 Link to this post

Feeling Stopped Up?
You may or may not have noticed that HBO is struggling a bit right now. Don't worry - it's not that the servers are dying again - well, they are, but it's not because of a failure, it's overload. BOLL's Warthog Jump flash animation got picked up by Ars Technica this morning - and by afternoon it was on several large Flash-oriented game sites, the biggest (at least that we're seeing) being AddictiveGaming.com - they're sending us about 200 people per minute. That's doing a number on the available resources for serving the REST of you. Luckily, these things are transient - the crush will be over by tomorrow. (Louis Wu 00:26:14 UTC)

February 26, 2004 Link to this post

To Screen, or Not to Screen
Rampancy.net has gone screenshot-crazy. There is now a full gallery devoted to the shots that XLNC has posted on our forum - as well as a SEPARATE gallery with 8 as-yet-unseen shots (Grunt Justice ROCKS). He's also added a dolbex mini-gallery that includes the shots dolbex posted yesterday (but not yet including these shots, posted 2 days ago). While we're ON the subject of screenshots, there are a bunch MORE that folks are taking, using the HUDless methods pioneered by XLNC: MerecCatfish took a bunch a few weeks ago, JM posted some on our forum this morning, and even BOLL's getting into the act. Screens everywhere! (Louis Wu 13:01:33 UTC)

February 25, 2004 Link to this post

Warthog Launch Revisited
So that BOLL guy, I think he works for Macromedia, or something. All he does all day is turn out cool Flash toys. And yeah, he's got a new one. It's called Warthog Launch... and that's exactly what you do. Grab a Warthog, pile grenades under it, and try to pop the Engineers. Stats keep track of how many levels you got through, how many grenades you used, the number of launches, how many times your Warthog bounced, how many Engineers you popped, and most importantly, how much time you wasted blowing stuff up. What are you waiting for? Go Play. (Louis Wu 11:43:34 UTC)

February 24, 2004 Link to this post

Call me.
Rapture has added some pretty cool wallpaper to his cellphone... Update: Narcogen, unwilling to be outdone, added a Halo 2 screenshot as the background image of his Handspring Treo. w00t! Further Update: Narcogen has added a download link for his image, and BOLL has pointed out his own (much older) phone customization. (Louis Wu 09:33:01 UTC)

February 18, 2004 Link to this post

Slay again?
BOLL has continued to tweak his Grunt shooting game (wait for it... then shoot the grunt when he appears); at this point, he's done. (The file is now local, so he HAS to be done.) More grunt colors, more stats, piercing bullets, better graphics, less lag... See how you do. (Louis Wu 14:37:49 UTC)

February 17, 2004 Link to this post

177, First Time Out
Holy... STOP HIM! THE MAN NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! (If you're confused what it's all about, wait a moment.) I realized that I needed to give BOLL credit for his work in this news post, or... well, ask c0ld. (Louis Wu 01:49:13 UTC)

February 15, 2004 Link to this post

Mommy, he's doing it again...
Yesterday, BOLL messed with some new Flash stuff. It was pretty easy to overlook; at first glance, it blended right in. His newest offering doesn't quite do that... (Louis Wu 16:09:29 UTC)

February 14, 2004 Link to this post

So THAT'S what's behind the curtain...
BOLL has done it again - check out the secrets revealed in this post. (If you can't figure out where they are, try the banners at the top.) (Louis Wu 22:35:08 UTC)

February 10, 2004 Link to this post

Hi, I'm Isbe 'Uwudee... who are you?
A week or so ago, in a lighthearted forum thread, Wado SG pointed out a silly little app that would give you your very own Bond Girl name. Stuntmutt was entranced. Unfortunately, he's an artist and a comedian, not a programmer. Hmm. Let's try that again. Unfortunately, he's not a programmer. There we go. Anyway, he contacted BOLL, our resident... something, who whipped together a little tool; now, thanks to these two, you can have your very own Elite Name! (Color, too.) Check out the HBO Elite Namelizer... fun for the whole family! (Louis Wu 09:58:48 UTC)

February 7, 2004 Link to this post

Corn, Corn, and more Corn
It's the Se7enth of the month, so it's time for the One One Se7en Archive update... this time, it's light; we have only 17 strips for you. Submitters Stuntmutt and BOLL hog the spotlight; 4 each, accounting for nearly half the total. (BOLL's are animated, though - I think he's got the edge.) (Louis Wu 17:18:31 UTC)

February 1, 2004 Link to this post

Pictures... not of the fest yet
So here I sit, finishing up an interview with the Film Oasis guys, trying to figure out how far behind I really am because of yesterday's Fanfest... Over the course of the next couple of days, I'll do my best to catch up, but please be patient. Stuff isn't gonna go up in the order it came in here... it's gonna go up in the order I remember it. First up: a forum thread filled with some hilarious images. The Burninator injected some One One Se7en images into Halo... and eventually BOLL took the concept to its absurd (but just as hilarious) extreme. Check it out! (Louis Wu 18:45:48 UTC)

January 14, 2004 Link to this post

Halo Puzzles For Prizes
The puzzle team of Skavenger, BOLL, c0ld vengeance, and MorningStar have cooked up a new challenge for you. (It was first announced on our forum just before Christmas, although it doesn't actually begin, for real, until January 15th.) It's an email-based game for points and prizes; you sign up at the Yahoo Group halo_puzzles, and you get puzzles emailed to you. Send your answers back to win! (More details can be found at the site.) These guys know what they're doing... give it a shot! (Louis Wu 00:17:10 UTC)

December 12, 2003 Link to this post

The HBO Xmas Puzzle Carnage quiz
You say you're itchin' for another contest? You say the last few didn't challenge you? You say you want a REAL puzzle? Well, pardner, we got some forum regulars that would like to talk to you. c0ld vengeance, BOLL, MorningStar, and Skavenger have put their heads together to come up with the HBO Xmas Puzzle Carnage quiz. It involves many mini-puzzles, spread out over 7 pages, with the navigation between pages a puzzle in itself! There are some cool prizes to be won, so check out the forum post; make sure you understand the rules, and get cracking! (Louis Wu 21:04:21 UTC)

November 22, 2003 Link to this post

The Mystery Woman on BA
Rockin'. FormerCide discovered a bitmap of a mystery woman on the level Boarding Action (PC version), when he was messing around in the game's resources. (BOLL posted the pic, because FormerCide wasn't sure if it was kosher to do so, and BOLL figured he was 5000 miles from Bungie headquarters and was immune to death rays.) This afternoon, Chris Butcher stepped in to identify the picture as that of the girlfriend of the original artist working on Boarding Action (someone who no longer works at Bungie). The weird part is... they'd FOUND the pic, once, and removed it. It came back. (Or was present twice.) Just goes to show... there are still things left to find! (Louis Wu 19:10:41 UTC)

November 15, 2003 Link to this post

Today's Guest One One Se7en was written by BOLL, about the time Halo PC was being released (a time when there were far more cracked servers online than legitimate ones). The topical nature of some One One Se7en strips have gotten us talking about options... more news when we have it. (Louis Wu 12:11:30 UTC)

November 10, 2003 Link to this post

Bouncy BOLL
There's an article over at the Junkyard, written by MrFluffyPants26, about BOLL's mods. The first half is pretty interesting - some thoughts from BOLL on which mods he likes best, and what he used - and then there's a description of a few of the best-known mods. The second half is completely indecipherable - it's a list, but it's not clear what it's a list OF. What mods exist? What's changed in particular mods? (Which ones, then?) Dunno. Anyway, go read the first half. (Louis Wu 21:13:36 UTC)

November 7, 2003 Link to this post

Without Further Ado...
As promised, the Great Halo Scavenger Hunt closed its doors this afternoon. Congratulations to all those who finished it, and indeed all those who took part! We've put together a page containing complete directions on how we thought the game would be played - you can see how close you came, if you didn't win, or how close your thinking was, if you did. (Thanks to BOLL for much of the formatting.) (Louis Wu 01:01:43 UTC)

October 31, 2003 Link to this post

Now THAT'S fast.
A couple of weeks ago, nukedude was playing around with a mod BOLL had created, one that allowed super speeds. (BOLL had made his own Xbox vid a couple of months ago, on Blood Gulch, with no sound... but after HPC came out, folks discovered that Death Island provided some unique jumping opportunities.) nukedude's vid is called 'SuperSpeed' - ever see a tank do a wheelie? (Would you call it a treadie?) It's 5:14 long, 30.2 mb, and recorded in DivX format. You can find it on Nukedude's site - and we've put a mirror up at Mythica. Take a look! (Louis Wu 11:11:16 UTC)

October 30, 2003 Link to this post

CPL Chat posted around the net
A number of sites have put up transcripts of last night's IRC chat on the #CPL channel of Gamesnet with Gearbox, Bungie, and MS - we haven't had time to format our own yet (I wasn't around last night, but I logged it anyway :) ). In the meantime, you can check out

Some really good info in there! Update: Oops, missed a couple; Ross Mills posted to our own forum! And so did BOLL... (Louis Wu 09:07:32 UTC)

October 25, 2003 Link to this post

It Looks So Real...
Ooh... I've been waiting for this One One Se7en guest strip to make it out of the queue for a LONG time. BOLL, in typical BOLL fashion, takes One One Se7en to the next level. (I went and looked into the memory card slots of my controller, just to be sure.) (Louis Wu 10:25:02 UTC)

October 12, 2003 Link to this post

Hack me, baby.
As usual, BOLL rocks. HHHT, the Helpful Halo Hacking Tool, provides an easy way to apply ppf files to modify maps (and lets you backup your originals, in case you forget!). Screenshot here, to show you the interface. Hacking was never easier. (Louis Wu 19:34:28 UTC)

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