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Voice Actors List
12/17/01 A list, compiled by HBO personnel with the help of Bungie Audio Director Marty O'Donnell, placing all of the voice actors in Halo along with their in-game characters.
Flood Anatomy
(HBO Prime)
01/16/02 Descriptions and detailed anatomical breakdown of the in-depth mechanics of the Flood. Contains story spoilers.
Halo Desktop Icons
03/01/02 An assortment of Halo-themed desktop icons for your personal computing needs, in both .gif and .ico format and created by Djoey.154.
OSX Halo Icons
03/02/02 An assortment of Mac OSX-ready icon images, made up of various graphics from the Halo universe. Created by Malagigi. You can preview them here, as well.
Translation - MSN.dk Danish Halo Review
(Transcripts and Translations)
03/14/02 Translation of the Halo review posted at msn.dk in March of 2002. Translated by Sippan.
Japanese Halo Site Goodies
03/19/02 A package of some music, sounds, and screens, lifted from the Official Japanse Halo site by Alan Wu, for the sake of the non-Japanese-speaking.
Maw 700 Contests
(HBO Prime)
03/21/02 This is the headquarters of the contest sponsored in March of 2002 by HBO, testing the Warthog-driving abilities of the fans to their utmost. Both pieces, Contest 1 and Contest 2, can be found here.
Halo Starcraft Maps
(Fan Creations)
03/26/02 A collection of several fan-made Starcraft maps, based off single-player and multiplayer Halo levels. Contains links to the downloadable maps as well as in-game screenshots.
Xbox.com April Fools Site
03/31/02 An archive of Xbox.com's 2002 April Fools homepage. Contains all sorts of... interesting content.
Halo Map Designs
(Fan Creations)
04/11/02 Some images depicting a few concept designs for possible multiplayer maps for Halo. None of these exist; but someday, if Halo ever allows map creation, they might. Made in AutoCAD by This Side Up.
The Illusion of Intelligence: The Integration of AI and Level Design in Halo
04/14/02 Jaime Griesemer (Halo level designer) and Chris Butcher (Halo AI programmer) presented this talk on gaming "intelligence" at the 2002 Game Developer's Conference.
Producing Audio For Halo
04/15/02 Marty O'Donnell (Halo Audio Director) presented this talk on the production of the audio in Halo to the 2002 Game Developer's Conference. Touches on numerous issues involving the game's sounds, music, and audio technologies.
Halo Movie Script
(Fan Creations)
04/17/02 The beginnings of the script to a feature film based on Halo. (Note: this is entirely fictional. There is no film - the script is only an intellectual exercise.) Penned by Kellen Squire
Halo Windows Theme
(Fan Creations)
04/19/02 An installable Halo Theme for users of Windows 98, Windows 95, or Windows ME. Facilitated by Doomsdeath.
Halo Figurines
(Fan Creations)
04/22/02 Some small Halo "action figures," made from kludges of plastic and paint. Sculpted by Team Overkill.
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