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Xbox Halloween costume
11/03/03 Chris Macias dressed up as an Xbox for candy. Life-size!
Xbox Costume
(Fan Creations)
11/04/03 A picture of Chris Macias' Halloween costume.
HBO's Great Halo Scavenger Hunt writeup
(HBO Prime)
11/06/03 HBO held a Scavenger Hunt - and a lot of people came. This is the post-mortem.
Halo 2 Hip Hop
(Fan Music)
11/18/03 chaostheory has mixed a bit of music from the Halo 2 trailer with some other samples for a new Hip Hop sound (2:13 long, just under 2 mb).
343 Guilty Stick
(Fan Creations)
11/21/03 A series of Flash animations made by Glatiaterrr3000.
Life-Size Rocket Launcher
(Fan Creations)
11/23/03 Photos of a Rocket Launcher model made by Master Chief Cutter. Original link died - we're hosting a mirror.
MC Built Top Down
(Fan Creations)
11/24/03 ASPMaster created a cool little Flash Animation in which the MC is built, top-down.
Building Master Chief
(Fan Creations)
11/24/03 Master Chief being built (flash animation) by ASPMaster.
Skavenger_s7 Stories
(Fan Creations)
12/02/03 Here's a way to read stories written by forum jester Skavenger, without having to search through the archives.
Plinth of Art
(HBO Prime)
12/06/03 The One One Seven Art contest. Entrees, winners, and prizes.
Mac Halo Gold Press Release
12/07/03 The press release from MacSoft about Mac Halo going gold
Halo PC Dedicated Server v1.03 Readme
12/09/03 Bungie's newest version of the Dedicated PC server readme.
Mac Halo Ships
12/11/03 The press release from MacSoft about Mac Halo shipping.
HBO Xmas puzzle Carnage quiz
(Fan Creations)
12/12/03 A fun holiday puzzle set on the HBO forum.
Porntana 2
(Fan Creations)
12/12/03 Captain Spark presents the quasi-sequel to porntana.
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