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"So I'm here,” you say. "Now what do I do,” you ask. Well, you probably got lost. Let me help. The Forum is here and the Fan Fiction is here. I'm sorry, what was that? You mean you came here on purpose? *Pssst... Hey Louis, Skav... this one came here on purpose... hehehe*
Wow, still here after that? Well then, let me show you how things work around here...

Here is the Title of the Short Stories
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--Insert Clever Title Here--
Here is the date of the Post
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-- Post Date... After a date?--
Next we have a quick summary of the story, followed by a few lines from... THE STORY ITSELF!
--Hi, I'm A Summary. I'm not very entertaining, but good for a quickie!--
--Hi, I’m The Lines. I get to give you a glimpse at what you miss if you don't read. And further more... Hey... Wait! What do you mean that's all I get! I'm calling my agent!--

--Insert Clever Title Here-- -- Post Date... After a date?--
--Hi, I'm A Summary. I'm not very entertaining, but good for a quickie!--
--Hi, I’m The Lines. I get to give you a glimpse at what you miss if you don't read. And further more... Hey... Wait! What do you mean that's all I get! I'm calling my agent!--

See? That's not so hard to understand. Now all of us stuck back here hope you enjoy your stay. Remember that most of these were written for fun; but a few were written to 'stir' the forum. Clicking on the Original link will also give you access to the replies. (Read them!)

--Sick of no recognition for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!-- -- 10/23/02 11:08 am--
--So Skavenger is a bit jealous of a fellow named Frogblast. And he might have a good reason too...--
--"Why all the hype about Frogblast? I mean what has he actually accomplished that I haven't? I was at the bottom of Halo first.......... I was dead, but so what, I was there!"--
--You won't believe what happened to me!!!-- -- 01/12/03 7:14 am--
--What happens when you have a 'red' Target and a 'blue' Wal-Mart on opposite sides of a mall? Just ask Skavenger...--
--I couldn't really get a good view from where I was standing but Wal-Mart security was having a heated discussion with someone. Or a couple of Someone's.--
--XBC conversation... ROTFLMAO...-- -- 01/14/03 12:47 pm--
--Always trust the stranger you just met. Especially if it is over the internet---
--Well he's an idiot for listening to you. He is 12.He doesn't understand how computers work at all. Hooking this up is more than he could do. All you did was break it and make him feel bad.--
--The challenge is over.......-- -- 03/04/03 4:44 pm--
--Skavenger has a LAN party with kids; and gambles on the outcomes at 10 to 1 odds...--
--They all rounded up money and told this kid "DX_crazy" to bet it all. After making certain they had me on a 10 to 1 bet he sat down with 75.00. The room fell silent and my wife started the divorce papers.--
--Do I hate all of you????? lol... maybe...-- -- 03/12/03 10:06 pm--
--So this is a hate letter to HBO and Bungie, or is it...--
--This game freakin blows! If you want to play a better game try the new DOOM, there's a game that rocks!! I have no idea what Bungie was thinking--
--Strangers play halo too...... By:LWZ-- -- 04/01/03 10:52 pm--
--Lone Wolf Z tells the story of a Halo Tournament that Skavenger attends...--
--As I turned the corner, he jumped on my grenade......... as it went off shot a rocket straight down........ It propelled him to eye level with me.... as I gasped in disbelief, he switched to his pistol.....--
--So which one of you HBO guys took my money?-- -- 04/28/03 5:10 am--
--Skavenger finally gets what's coming to him...--
--And God as my witness............ with the noise of wind chimes straight from the desert of Cottonwood Arizona, the most spectacular Yellow Banshee emerged from the light!!!--
--I don't exactly know what happened.............-- -- 05/31/03 5:36 am--
--Skavenger goes camping in Yosemite, but gets more than he bargains for...--
--...a soldier screamed out "I have movement.... all around...closing in fast"... Some device he held was blinking red and a high-pitched beeping was beeping faster. Everyone scattered to cover...--
--A gift for ..... well, me! :) (unhappy wife)-- -- 07/21/03 10:28 am--
--Skavenger comes to brag about a new toy, and sets the stage for an epic tale...--
--Just stepped up and moved away from putting my nose up against a 25" television and got a 42" plasma flat screen. I put in my bedroom. My wife was semi excited, I think mainly for me.--
--She kicked me out and kept the TV.........-- -- 07/24/03 2:04 am--
--Skavenger should have set up his TV...--
--...the screen fizzled for a second and the dividing lines were gone. I held my breath and swallowed slowly. A slow breeze from the screen blew in at me and brought a whisper of snow into the den floor--
--She kept my TV, part 2.............-- -- 07/27/03 4:59 pm--
--Skavenger searches for a way out, but only gets himself farther in...--
--Goatrope was out of ammo and swinging his rifle at anything that moved. Miguel had cut off an elites hand and was using the still active sword to cut them down one at a time.--
--She can have the TV........................-- -- 08/11/03 1:35 am--
--Skavenger wonders out of the snow, and into the Gulch...--
--Just then the tank spun around and faced the 2 running at it. The turret spun around at full speed to engage them. As it whipped by it tossed a shell right at...--
--Newbie info! Regulars know already!-- -- 08/20/03 3:06 am--
--Looks as though Skavenger has grown tired of writing his epic...--
--I am bored with Halo and writing stories. I would really love to find a forum where there are real topics. I am being serious here. I want to feel like...--
--Guess you had to be there to appreciate the humor-- -- 08/23/03 5:08 pm--
--Skavenger decides to help contribute to the delinquencies of minors...--
--...that site is called HBO, and is not mine. The guy who runs it won't even use his real name there. They don't even like me there, mostly because I am the lone voice of reason ...--
--Speak N spell Halo. (Intellects only please)-- -- 08/24/03 5:22 pm--
--Skavenger actually does something for the forum, there is a prize at the end of this riddle...--
--Good evening my fellow forumgoers!!!!! I have decided to see if you guys are mean and stupid. I don't think that even 1, if any of you, will get past the trap in this post.--
--She Can Have My TV, Part 4-- -- 08/30/03 10:22 am--
--Skavenger brings us the conclusion of his epic...--
--Besides, by the look of its armor, it had been hit by a tank round. If it had survived a tank round, and then the fall, if it got up I was sure to get an ass kicking...--
--CTF,BG, to 3 flags..............GO!-- -- 12/02/03 7:44 am--
--Skavenger writes an ode to Halo multiplayer.--
--On the screen you typed "LAGGGG!!!", as I got in a Ghost!
"What a baby", I thought, we were on YOUR HOST!--
--BG:National Monument-- -- 03/10/06 10:13 am--
--Skav remembers Blood Gulch.--
--I guess for now this will be my home. A place I feel comfortable with. Even if everyone has moved on to new places, new canyons and worlds to explore, I still find favor with this place.--

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