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December 15, 2014 Link to this post

Drinking Games Ep 5 - Screen Watchers
Once upon a time, we let you know about a group called TeamSexy (most of the posts were in 2003 and 2004, though there've been a few references to SexyJosh in the following five years) - they liked Halo, a lot. Recently, they've been hosting a series called Drinking Games, and in honor of the release of The Master Chief Collection, they devoted an episode to Halo. I found it pretty entertaining. Check it out! (Louis Wu 22:14:00 UTC)

April 6, 2004 Link to this post

Team Sexy Goes Tournamenting
SexyJosh points out a couple of writeups (and a movie) of some local Halo tournaments his group participated in; you can find the writeups, and a link to the movie (13.8 mb, 5:44 long, QuickTime format) on their site. Toys-R-Us tourney + Halo freaks = potential for Barbie abuse... (Louis Wu 09:31:46 UTC)

March 12, 2004 Link to this post

Team Sexy - Your One-Stop Tourney Shop
TS.Films has decided to open a new section of their website; it will be devoted to Tournaments. They're hoping to provide a centralized location where folks can post information about upcoming tourneys in their area, or results and recaps from tournaments they participated in. They've started the ball rolling with recaps of a couple of their own tourneys. Swing on by and send 'em YOUR info! (Louis Wu 10:43:58 UTC)

February 19, 2004 Link to this post

Halo-Themed Music
SexyJosh, from Team Sexy Films, has been writing some Halo-themed music recently; there are currently two songs available on his website. Lament to Keyes is a 4-minute ballad, and Cortana is half as long, twice as fast, and a bit ruder. If you like the music, explore the site; there's quite a bit more, non-Halo-related, stuff. Check 'em out! (Louis Wu 18:01:12 UTC)

December 9, 2003 Link to this post

Return of the Sidewinder King
Team Sexy has released Sidewinder King 2 - a followup to their popular Hall of the Sidewinder King video. It takes the fight to (where else?) Blood Gulch, and introduces dialogue. Mostly, it works pretty well. (Great camera footage in the second half...) It weighs in at roughly 20 mb (18.5 for the QT version, 20.6 for the DivX version). You can get it from the Team Sexy forums (you need to register, then look for a thread in the TS.Films forum entitled 'SK2 is realeased[sic]!'). For a limited time, we're helping out with Mythica.org bandwidth (for both the QuickTime and Divx versions). Grab this one while you're waiting for that 1.03 patch for Halo PC! (Louis Wu 16:00:54 UTC)

November 8, 2003 Link to this post

New Team Sexy footage
Team Sexy has posted deleted scenes from their 'Hall of the Sidewinder King' movie; dunno, but to me it looks like one guy running out of a base and through the tunnels. (I guess I thought it was gonna be bloopers, or something.) If you're interested, stop by their forums and look for the 'NEW VIDEOS' thread on the TS.Films forum. (Louis Wu 13:56:50 UTC)

October 23, 2003 Link to this post

New goodies from Team Sexy
Team Sexy has added some extra films for their registered users; visit the forum, follow the Extras thread at the top. There's an alternate ending for their Red vs Who movie, as well as outtakes (both in Quicktime and DivX). There's also a slick desktop and an audio track for an upcoming film. Thanks to SexyJosh for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 08:24:11 UTC)

October 20, 2003 Link to this post

Too Much Time
Team Sexy has been working on a new movie called Damnation - but it's been delayed, for technical reasons. To tide you over, they've created a movie called 'Too Much Time', which parodies most of the gameplay movies out there (their own included). To get it, simply register on their forum, then download it from the Too Much Time thread. To help out on bandwidth, we're mirroring this for a day; you can also find a copy on files.bungie.org, until tomorrow. It's 28.8 mb, and encoded in DivX format. (Louis Wu 09:42:53 UTC)

October 2, 2003 Link to this post

Team Sexy gets online
Team Sexy Productions, the group behind movies like 'The Hall of the Sidewinder King' and 'Red vs Who?', has put up a website with their existing movies and (soon to come) a trailer on their upcoming miniseries. Check it out! (Louis Wu 08:48:33 UTC)

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