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Una guerra Sangheili non ha mai fine...
Back in 2009, Leviathan made his 'A Sangheili's War' graphic novel available in PDF format. Today, I learned from bs angel that an Italian fansite has made this available... in Italian. Check it out! (For what it's worth, Levi gave his blessing to the conversion, though he has no way of telling how good the translation actually is.) (Louis Wu 23:33:19 UTC) (permalink)


DICE Summit 2013: Changing The Universe - Three for Three
343i's Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wofkill share what it was like building a AAA game studio from scratch, rebuilding the Halo franchise and expanding Halo beyond video games. 343 Industries is really unique in terms how the studio was formed and the challenges they had to face (as many of you already know) - it is worth checking out what they have to say. (colindosaj 20:46:39 UTC) (permalink)


Tyrant's Let's Play Spartan Ops - More Ep 2
The Tyrant continues to power through Spartan Ops with friends - CruelLEGACEY has joined him for two more Episode Two chapters, For Science and Hacksaw. Go see how they did! (Louis Wu 18:36:43 UTC) (permalink)


Spartan Ops Ep 8 After Show
Clever Musings continues their series of 'interviews' with in-game characters from Spartan Ops - Episode 8's installment is live now. Thanks, Carmelo M. (Louis Wu 15:28:01 UTC) (permalink)


Goodies from Waypoint
I wasn't around yesterday afternoon, but Halo Waypoint put up a couple of great tidbits - there's a video from a Halo 4 tourney held in Afghanistan at a Forward Operating Base, to blow off steam, and there's a Halo 4 emblem generator put together by Furiousn00b (so you can experiment with a mouse and keyboard before you use the controller interface to finalize your choice online). (Louis Wu 15:26:12 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Top 10 Ep 14: Lucky Kills
Ever have a lucky kill in Halo 4? Anoj has 10 impressive ones in the latest Top 10 collection. I know if I were on the other end of some of these, I'd be cursing at my screen. Thanks, Jordan Bell. (Louis Wu 15:22:46 UTC) (permalink)


Teasing Next Week's SpOps Reveals
GrimBrother One pointed out a collection of screenshots at the Xbox Press site showing off both cinematic and in-game shots from Spartan Ops Episode 9. A close look at these will give you clues about what's coming - there's already some interesting speculation on our forum! (Louis Wu 15:16:35 UTC) (permalink)


Thursday's news in brief:

Bungie Community Theater, Act Two
The Ball Sack: Episode 1
Halo HORSE 113
Want some flan made of you're dead?
Siri contributes to Halo 4

Wednesday's news in brief:

The Beatles Machinithology - or part of it
Lifting Skir- um, Curtains
Banshee-assisted Warthog Stunting
Glimmer of a Dying Star
Grab Your Helmet. Get The Key.
PGCR 148
Halo 4: FLAGtacular!

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