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The Beatles Machinithology - or part of it
Firestorm12 let us know about a cancelled project he's been working on for years - he calls it 'The Beatles Machinithology', and the vision was a fourteen-part music video series made with as many Halo games as possible. Circumstances were such that the project has been canned - so he's releasing the three segments that HAVE been finished. Go watch:

Interesting camera work, great music - how can you go wrong? (Louis Wu 22:44:41 UTC) (permalink)


Lifting Skir- um, Curtains
According to the timestamp on the article, we missed this last night, apparently... but it's more likely that the stamp's a bit inaccurate. In any case, Bungie.net has a new dramatic reading available for your viewing pleasure - Halo Lover waxes nearly poetic about his love of the series, and Deej offers tantalizing hints of the future. Go watch! (Grizzlei kicked off a thread on our forum, if you want to discuss it.) (Louis Wu 20:53:33 UTC) (permalink)


Banshee-assisted Warthog Stunting
Rockslider continues to find new sources of entertainment in the original Halo - this time out, he's using Covenant-manned Banshees to help him perform Warthog acrobatics. Color me impressed! (Louis Wu 20:18:37 UTC) (permalink)


Glimmer of a Dying Star
Over at Forward Unto Dawn, a new article has gone live - Dangerous Dave looks closely at the Covenant Empire, and how the shakeups in the past have led to the current situation in Halo 4. Interesting read! Thanks, Postmortem. (Louis Wu 20:16:52 UTC) (permalink)


Grab Your Helmet. Get The Key.
Halo Waypoint just released the trailer for Spartan Ops: Episode 9. Go and watch it. Right now. You can also catch the trailer on YouTube if you so prefer. (GrimBrother One 19:03:47 UTC) (permalink)


PGCR 148
Robowski let us know that Post Game Carnage Report episode 148 is now live - they cover the Trihardathalon Tournament and Gagnon drops by to announce the release date of A Fridge 2 Far 2: The Halo Mega Blok's toymation film! Go listen! (colindosaj 17:56:57 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4: FLAGtacular!
Skywalker DSP came by with another gameplay vid - this one is a 6v6 CTF custom game on Ravine. Definitely has some great gameplay moments... and the commentary is entertaining! Go watch. (Louis Wu 17:42:26 UTC) (permalink)


TeeFury's offering today is another Halo-related shirt - Cortana and her rampancy can grace your front for just $10 plus shipping. Thanks, padraig08. (Louis Wu 17:40:22 UTC) (permalink)


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