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Halo news back Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Halo news forward

Renegade Taco Is HBO's Next Solo Album
Nuclear Taco Productions is excited to announce "Renegades", a very cool new machinima telling the story of a man, betrayed by his fellow countrymen, on a mission to sort out his life and what has become of it. Be there as he encounters acquaintances, adversaries, and allies along the way. If you want a taste, you can check out the trailer here. If you want to jump right into Episode 1, you can do so here. Go and check it out! (GrimBrother One 23:16:29 UTC) (permalink)


It's Not Just One Sight...
Kotaku posted a pretty neat feature that compares certain real-life parasites to the Flood in Halo. Interesting and slightly disgusting comparisons to say the least! Check it out... (GrimBrother One 18:35:57 UTC) (permalink)


Fantasy Football, from the mind of a Pixar artist
Awesome. A Pixar animator sketched up a bunch of 'Fantasy Football' matchups - and his vision of Cincinnati vs. Kansas City stars our favorite supersoldier. (Cincinnati gets short shrift in these pics - that tiger gets his butt kicked by Houston and Baltimore, as well.) Thanks, padraig08. (Louis Wu 17:08:16 UTC) (permalink)


Ding Dong!
I've been a fan of XKCD's "What If?" since it started, pretty much - what's not to like about using physics to answer hypothetical questions? - but today's is actually Halo-related. Xbox LIVE might not be the highest-bandwidth option out there... but it has other advantages. Loved it! Thanks, Arithmomaniac. (Louis Wu 15:46:55 UTC) (permalink)


HBOMB 2013: No Blunders Allowed
rowboat 000 dropped by with a short video showing off some fun moments from the HBO Mountain Bash a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I wish I'd been there. (Louis Wu 15:46:30 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Halo 4 - Requiem
Let's Play Spartan Ops Ep Two: Clean Up
IPUL Virtual Snow Day Fundraiser
SpOps Ep 8 Cutscene - Watch it Now
The Ice Cave, Remastered (and more)
Carry 101
Grim Does Love Hot & Dangerous Redheads
343: Making Mondays Relevant Again since Jan 21st
Grunting Ops
The Art of the Harvest
Breaking the Silencium

Sunday's news in brief:

Somewhere, Under the Rainbow(s)
Let's Play Spartan Ops - Ep 1 Complete
Composer LASO in less than half an hour
Spartan Ops After Show
MLG Episode 4 (Halo 3 Machinima)

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