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Halo news back Thursday, February 7, 2013 Halo news forward

Bungie Community Theater, Act Two
Host of Bungie Community Theatre, DeeJ, replies to James' letter about how much he loves the Halo series. Accents are questionable, tigers talk and details are dropped, take note! Everybody knows it's called "Destiny," bro. (colindosaj 20:34:55 UTC) (permalink)


The Ball Sack: Episode 1
Goosechecka premiered episode 1 of The Ball Sack :), a mailbag video series where Goosechecka answers community questions during the Wednesday Night Grifbrawl pre-game show. Why the ball carrier call the ball? Go find out! Thanks, pete_the_duck. (colindosaj 20:02:46 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 113
Jack and Gavin from Achievement Hunter are back with another episode of Halo HORSE - they get their 'Trials Evolution' on. Go watch it on AH or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201 . (colindosaj 19:51:56 UTC) (permalink)


Want some flan made of you're dead?
Clueless Gamer Conan O'Brien (hey, don't get mad at me, it's what he calls the segment) reviewed Halo 4 - it contains a 2 minute summary of the Halo story (leave it to Conan to tie Bill Cosby into Halo), and then some... interesting gameplay. Absolutely worth a watch. Thanks, thebruce0. (Louis Wu 14:46:28 UTC) (permalink)


It ain't Halo, but it IS Levi, and when Levi paints, we listen. Leviathan stopped in last night with some Destiny fan art - it's perfect for your phone, or your desktop, or even just your eyes. Go look. Lots of options. (Louis Wu 13:24:01 UTC) (permalink)


Siri contributes to Halo 4
The Waypoint Halo Bulletin hit the interwebz last night pretty late - and by now, we've added it to our Halo Bulletin Archive, as well. Go swing by for some pretty tasty bits! There are details of next week's changes to Matchmaking, some great behind-the-scenes info about Spartan Ops, and some Campaign easter egg hints. (No, you haven't found them all yet.) Thanks, Grim. (Louis Wu 13:21:49 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

The Beatles Machinithology - or part of it
Lifting Skir- um, Curtains
Banshee-assisted Warthog Stunting
Glimmer of a Dying Star
Grab Your Helmet. Get The Key.
PGCR 148
Halo 4: FLAGtacular!

Tuesday's news in brief:

Renegade Taco Is HBO's Next Solo Album
It's Not Just One Sight...
Fantasy Football, from the mind of a Pixar artist
Ding Dong!
HBOMB 2013: No Blunders Allowed

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