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Radar Glitch on Rail
XyloxHD posted a video video showing off a weird trait zone glitch on the map Rail. One of the player trait zones allows radar to appear for a moment - should be handy for Doubles Pro (no radar.) He also shows off a neat jump that I had no idea about. Go watch! Thanks, VivaciousJazzy. (colindosaj 16:08:55 UTC) (permalink)


Welcome, Reclaimer
Fuchsdh is working on a Forerunner iPhone theme - he still has lots of work to do, but even in its current iteration it looks pretty darn slick. That lock screen! (colindosaj 15:58:56 UTC) (permalink)


Forge FOR Pete, get Halo swag!
pete_the_duck is looking for specific types of Forge maps for his top secret Forge Project. Pete has 10 Knight and 10 Watcher avatar codes (courtesy of BS Angel) that will randomly be given away to authors of maps that impress him. Submit your maps by February 20th - get Forging! (colindosaj 15:54:00 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Episode 5 (Halo 3 Machinima)
deathmcgunz let us know that the latest episode of 'MLG' is now live - Cameron confronts Remey about the doubles match and Vincent has something to say about his actions. Go watch! (colindosaj 15:43:55 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 125
Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter present Fails of the Weak volume 125 - this one has a lot of vehicle based clips, particularly vehicular physics fails. Watch it on AH or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201 . (colindosaj 15:39:20 UTC) (permalink)


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Thursday's news in brief:

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