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Halo news back Saturday, February 2, 2013 Halo news forward

Halo 4 Animation Show Reel
Will Christiansen posted his Halo 4 animation show reel - he did an incredible job making the characters seem lively and the assassinations look extremely brutal. This is one of the coolest show reels I've seen! Thanks, Pok3R Fac3D. (colindosaj 19:51:17 UTC) (permalink)


Road to DICE - plus SpOps Gallery
If you've got a little spare time this fine Saturday, swing on by Halo Waypoint - they've got a Machinima video in which Kiki Wolfkill talks about the studio in the context of the upcoming DICE Awards. And check out the pretty pictures in this gallery of screenshots from Spartan Ops Episode 8, which will go live on Monday. Nice! (Louis Wu 19:41:45 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 '117' - Piano Cover
Foan Song let us know about his cover of '117' from the Halo 4 soundtrack - it is a really beautiful arrangement and he even sneaks in a little Halo 3 Marty into the piece. Nicely done! (colindosaj 19:16:36 UTC) (permalink)


Midnight Legendary Guide
RC Master sent word of his Legendary guide for the mission 'Midnight' - he shows off some really great strategies to help you complete the mission. Go watch! (colindosaj 12:22:50 UTC) (permalink)


Spartan Ops Season 1 Guide
Dust Storm shared his Spartan Ops Season 1 Guide - pretty much everything you need to know about Spartan Ops is covered. So far he has covered episodes 1-5, but he plans to include 6-10 and add graphics and screens by the end of March. Go check it out and submit feedback! (colindosaj 12:21:48 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 124
Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter are back with another episode of Fails of the Weak (AH & YouTube) - this episode if fairly tame, but the Ghost launch clip is pretty funny! Thanks, Nikko B201. (colindosaj 12:20:27 UTC) (permalink)


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Thursday's news in brief:

Achievement PIG 112
Let's Play Spartan Ops - Two New Chapters
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