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Halo news back Friday, February 1, 2013 Halo news forward

Creating New Spartan OpPortunities
GameSpot Takes a Behind the Scenes Look at Spartan Ops in this new (very meaty; 22 minutes long!) video feature and interview. Some really great information and discussion providing insight into the creation and development of the awesome game mode. Plus, Kiki Wolfkill! Why do you need more reason to watch? Go check it out! (GrimBrother One 20:08:26 UTC) (permalink)


Tyrant's Let's Play Spartan Ops - Episode One: The Core
The Tyrant is drinking again - and filming his escapades again. Let's Play Spartan Ops finishes out Episode One with a run-through of The Core. Luckily, he's got RC Master to carry him. Go watch! (Louis Wu 19:04:22 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's Fan Fiction
The Fan Fiction section grew by one new piece this week - go give it a read! (Louis Wu 19:01:18 UTC) (permalink)


Fridge 2 Far 2 Release Date Trailer
Andrew Gagnon posted a release date trailer for the upcoming Fridge 2 Far 2 movie. The movie will be presented in 7 episodes - episode 1 is coming March 22nd. This looks really cool! Thanks, Robert Hays. (colindosaj 17:41:59 UTC) (permalink)


The Halo 3 Great Journey
The Halo Council is organizing a mass Great Journey to Halo 3 on February 1st (today), 2nd and 3rd. Share gamertags and spread the word - it would be really awesome to see a huge Halo 3 population spike. Update: This is actually being organized on Reddit, The Halo Council was just spreading the word. Thanks, CyReN. (colindosaj 17:33:52 UTC) (permalink)


Lords of the Dance
The Section 3 crew at Halo Waypoint has discovered a new Spartan Ops easter egg in Episode 6, with help from 343's Jayce Diaz - the trigger, and resulting fun, was filmed by OvTheVoid. Be sure to go in solo, on Legendary, to make this work. Thanks to ZaneZavin for bringing it to our attention! (Louis Wu 14:38:40 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Top 10 Amazing Kills: Episode 13
Anoj released episode 13 of his top 10 series - this one focuses on amazing kills. All the clips are really amazing, but the video does a great job of showing off how awesome the Sticky Detonator can be. Thanks, Jordan Bell. (colindosaj 09:03:05 UTC) (permalink)


117 Emblems But A Crescent Moon Ain't One
SK CRISIS shared this full emblem chart - it shows all 117 foreground emblems found in Halo 4. Neat! (colindosaj 08:50:32 UTC) (permalink)


Thursday's news in brief:

Achievement PIG 112
Let's Play Spartan Ops - Two New Chapters
More on that Needler Prop
Backup on Apex - Dying Not Allowed
Games as Lit 08 - Second Halo Podcast
What the Duck!?
The Halo Bulletin: 1.30.13
HBOMB 2013: A Retrospective
Banshee Battling on the Cliffside Hilltop
PGCR 147 - plus Robowski Must Die: A Fridge 2 Far 2 Mega Contest
Halo Sniper Replica Causes Confusion
Keagan Gillepsie's Reach For A Dream Wish

Wednesday's news in brief:

You killed me again!
Your Free Time Becomes Expendable Next Week
The Legend of 117 - Never Too Late
Rare Halo 3 ODST Xbox 360 for Sale
WoX: Inna Fox's Revenge on Dawn
Destiny Android Wallpaper Pack #1
With your courage, we can rebuild
Forge Test is Best
The Competitive Nature

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