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Halo news back Thursday, November 22, 2012 Halo news forward happy thanksgiving!

I'm Tankful for the Scorpion
We've got a few items to keep you busy throughout the day, but for the most part, we're taking the time to spend with our loved ones, and certainly hope all of you - no matter where you are - can do the same.

  • The Halo Bulletin went live last night, and features some hilarious community Thanksgiving-themed photosphops, a feature on the amazing concept artist we all know as "Sparth", and a really great dev interview with the Spartan Ops team. Don't miss it! (It's local, too.)
  • Woaf let us know that they now have a brand new episode out for the Dust & Echoes podcast. Check out their fabulous Halo 4 campaign spoilercast! Always a great listen.
  • Speaking of podcasts, CruelLEGACEY and yours truly have brought back the Waypoint Modcast, after a bit of a hiatus. Joining us for Episode 31 was Das Kalk and Goosechecka, and we ramble on about all sorts of stuff Halo 4. Tons of fun was had and much editing was needed. Go listen!
  • Morpheus let us know about a short feature run by IGN discussing a "What if?" scenario regarding other famous franchises appearing on the newly-released Nintendo WiiU. Go see what they had to say
  • Achievement Hunters' Halo HORSE #102 is up, both on YouTube and on their own site. Thanks Chewbaccawakka and Nikko B201.

That's going to do it for us today. From the HBO family to yours, we'd like to wish you all an incredibly wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. Now go eat something! (GrimBrother One 14:05:54 UTC) (permalink)


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