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It's prudent to prepare for failure.
Episode 8 of Red vs Blue Season 10 went live last night - and there's some footage you might recognize. Tucker hits on Carolina, Delta makes a Freelancer pilot uncomfortable, and Wash considers drowning in his own vomit. Go watch! (Louis Wu 12:20:47 UTC) (permalink)


I say!
daedalius dropped a new picture off for HaloGAF - it's Noble Team, as you've (probably) never seen them before! Pretty fun. (Louis Wu 11:46:57 UTC) (permalink)


Value-Added Halo 4 Content from Bravo
Bravo compiled the questions and answers in last week's Halo Bulletin, and threw in his own commentary - the resulting video contains quite a bit of information that you might have missed, or maybe didn't interpret the same way he did. Go listen! Thanks, UNKNOWN iXi. (Louis Wu 11:42:00 UTC) (permalink)


Reminder: PGCR Message Contest
Robowski wanted to remind everyone that the Post Game Carnage Report Message Contest still has a week left - all you need to do is send him an original message on XBL, and you could win a copy of Halo 4! Don't miss out. (Louis Wu 11:39:54 UTC) (permalink)


Greenskull FUD stream continues
A bunch of new content from RUL's Greenskull - yesterday, his interview of Tom Green (who plays Thomas Lasky in Forward Unto Dawn) went live on Halo Waypoint, and right after, he released an impressions video made recently with CruelLEGACEY in Toronto, discussing the high points of the trip to the FUD set they made with GrimBrother One to Vancouver back in May. Go watch both - they're fun! (Louis Wu 11:38:48 UTC) (permalink)


Things are making sense...
SEspider shared his interpretation of MC's FUD armor on the Community Customs website - go look! (Louis Wu 11:38:12 UTC) (permalink)


Delivering Hope
The most recent Beyond the Frontline article at Forward Unto Dawn focuses on... well, Forward Unto Dawn. (No, not the site - the webseries.) It's a look at a new(ish) style of advertising, and a way to turn difficult realities into successes fans want. Thanks, davidfuchs. (Louis Wu 11:36:17 UTC) (permalink)


Breaking In: Ryan Juckett
Ryan Juckett is a Sandbox Engineer at Bungie. If you don't know what a Sandbox Engineer is, or how one shows up at a company like Bungie... give the latest Breaking In article a read. Will you be next? (Louis Wu 11:34:40 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

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Sunday's news in brief:

Arby 'n' The Chief Bytes S01E12: Armor Deep
Valve's Source Filmmaker... for Halo machinima
When real life intrudes...
Pointing out the folly of man
FotW 96

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