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Halo news back Sunday, July 22, 2012 Halo news forward

Arby 'n' The Chief Bytes S01E12: Armor Deep
The latest Arby 'n' the Chief Bytes episode shows off a new Chief problem... pretty odd for a plastic action figure! (Louis Wu 21:25:48 UTC) (permalink)


Valve's Source Filmmaker... for Halo machinima
ZoxinTV has put together an advanced tutorial for importing Halo models into Source Filmmaker - and there are some animation tests showing what it looks like. Pretty promising! Thanks, wwm0nkey. (Louis Wu 21:23:02 UTC) (permalink)


When real life intrudes...
Whoa. Looks like Drunken Halo has gone on indefinite hiatus... because Justin has been diagnosed with cancer. Our hopes go out to you, Justin! Go listen to Justin and Travis discussing the uncertainty of the future. (Louis Wu 18:09:37 UTC) (permalink)


Pointing out the folly of man
A few days ago, Demoncarnotaur grabbed a few shots from some SDCC footage, showing off the new Halo 4 Jackal design. This led to some discussion on NeoGAF about how these puppies look a lot like Godzilla. Last night, he grabbed a few more - they're definitely freaky.Update: HaloBase's Legend put together a comparison. (Louis Wu 15:42:38 UTC) (permalink)


FotW 96
Fails of the Weak 96 went live - Jack and Joel look at some bad choices and luck. You can watch it on AH.com, or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 15:40:57 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Halo pops up in lots of places
Halo 4 LE Console Custom Sounds, from Major Nelson
Forward Unto Dawn Preview, from G4
Nightfall LASO - Variants
An Ancient Evil Awakens...
Operation Resurrect Part 1
mastrbiggy gives good schwag

Friday's news in brief:

Last Hazard
The Tyrant Documentaries - Building a Shrine
Nak3d Eli discusses SpOps
SDCC Halo 4 MP Preview, from G4TV
A New Journey - 8-Bit
Unexpected Discovery

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