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Halo news back Monday, July 23, 2012 Halo news forward

Waypoint Community Modcast Ep 22
CruelLEGACEY let us know that episode 22 of the Waypoint Community Modcast is now live - topics of conversation include Forward Unto Dawn, Halo 4's Forge Mode, Spartan Ops, and the current road to Inheritor. Go listen! (Louis Wu 16:50:10 UTC) (permalink)


Halo: Reach - The Movie
The Tyrant continues his series of Halo games, played in their entirety (including cutscenes), with Halo: Reach - The Movie. It's a five-and-a-half hour extravaganza, played at Heroic (like the rest in the series), and gives you a way to experience (or relive) the entire game in one fell swoop. (Louis Wu 16:48:37 UTC) (permalink)


What would you do with a letter...?
IGN posted another batch of movie/videogame mashups... Halo made the list this time. Thanks, ChrisTheeCrappy. (Louis Wu 16:22:06 UTC) (permalink)


What's old is new
Frank O'Connor has a new interview in Games Magazine, coming out on August 2 - but the Examiner has a preview in which Frank compares the weapon progression system of Halo 4 to the powerup system of the 1980s arcade title Gradius. Go read more! Thanks, mastrbiggy. (Louis Wu 12:29:39 UTC) (permalink)


HaloGAF Podcast Ep 6: No Guests Allowed
ncsuDuncan and crew posted the latest HaloGAF Podcast last night - episode 6 has some great Comic-Con recaps from Domino, a roundup of Halo news, and a special guest appearance from Morgan Freeman! Go listen. (Louis Wu 12:27:42 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4's New Weapons
The Little English Halo Blog has taken a close look at the new weapons shown so far in Halo 4 outings - nice roundup! Thanks, Munish23. (Louis Wu 12:24:21 UTC) (permalink)


SDCC Spartan Ops Impressions
Geekscape's jake108 let us know that the team's posted a new article discussing Spartan Ops, as shown at SDCC. Go give it a read! (Louis Wu 12:19:47 UTC) (permalink)


Koala Stuff
FulRoro stopped in with word of a Reach Funtage - I really enjoyed it! (Louis Wu 12:07:29 UTC) (permalink)


mastrbiggy's goodies - sorted
mastrbiggy's SDCC giveaway received nearly 200 entries in the two days it was open, and now has five lucky winners:

  • Das Kalk
  • CortanaVII
  • Menacentiment
  • allanion
  • Dogiojoe

Congratulations to all five! (Louis Wu 11:57:49 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Arby 'n' The Chief Bytes S01E12: Armor Deep
Valve's Source Filmmaker... for Halo machinima
When real life intrudes...
Pointing out the folly of man
FotW 96

Saturday's news in brief:

Halo pops up in lots of places
Halo 4 LE Console Custom Sounds, from Major Nelson
Forward Unto Dawn Preview, from G4
Nightfall LASO - Variants
An Ancient Evil Awakens...
Operation Resurrect Part 1
mastrbiggy gives good schwag

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