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Halo news back Saturday, February 4, 2006 Halo news forward

Mintz writes to point out that Halo: Portable (with a new URL) has a few new items for you; there's the Weekly Updates for the last couple of weeks, and a shot at the new Wallpaper pack early (just donate something). Go grab your mobile Halo content! (Louis Wu 22:15:56 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's Fanfic - a day late
SPARTAN-034 reminded me that I'd forgotten to post the weekly Fan Fiction update yesterday (probably because he had a story in the batch) - they're up now. 22 pieces - go read! (Louis Wu 21:19:52 UTC) (permalink)


Ceramic Elite Helmet
Almost a month ago, Teek Vander Bee sent us a bunch of pictures of a ceramic Elite helmet he'd been building - apologies for taking so long to post them. You can find them on this page. (Louis Wu 15:18:20 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Championship - coming soon
3Suns points out that MLG has announced the location (and dates) of their National Championships this year - they'll be in New York City on February 25 and 26. Book your plane fare now! (Louis Wu 14:21:54 UTC) (permalink)


The Loltruck - rocking your world.
Frankie's posted the Weekly Update (and once again frustrated forum denizens longing to out-First him). There's a bunch of useful answers to questions asked on our forum (and elsewhere), and NEW WALLPAPERS at b.net (breathtaking - you gotta go look, and thank agdTinMan). And titillating information about how the Bungie Princess plans to spend her Superbowl time. (I'm pretty sure I saw that movie...) And oh, yeah... the cover of a certain upcoming CD. That some people are sort of looking forward to. Or something. GO READ! (Don't forget - you can read it in our Weekly Update Archive, too.) (Louis Wu 01:48:04 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

The Same As Closed-End-Leasing.
Legendary II - redux
Mistaken Identity
Podtacular Ep 48 (and new web digs)
Oh So Beautiful 4
They just don't understand him.
Man... if I had that on XBL...
I bet they'd do a half-decent job with it.
Tied the Leader gets cerebral

Thursday's news in brief:

Alphabet Soup
In the Valley of the Forerunners
So Cold
Legendary Episode II: Prelude to Eternity
For High Charity's Windows
He hates losing.

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