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Halo news back Thursday, February 2, 2006 Halo news forward

Alphabet Soup
Frankie wants your Qs. And your Ps. And your carrots. Hmm... maybe just your Qs. If there's something you want to know from Bungie, and it's NOT about stuff they haven't announced yet, visit the thread, toss your question into the hat. You might just get it answered in tomorrow's Weekly Update. Update: You're certainly welcome to keep posting questions, but realize that Frankie's only gonna answer about 5 of 'em, and he almost certainly stopped reading several hours ago. That's not to say that other READERS might not have some answers for you... but you're not gonna make it into the Weekly Update any more. (Louis Wu 20:52:59 UTC) (permalink)


In the Valley of the Forerunners
Dennis Powers writes to say that the Halo CE Chronicles WILL have a Season 3... but it won't be episodes, per se. It will be a single, 80+ minute long feature, broken into chunks for more reasonable downloading. You can view the trailer online at the HCEC website. Check it out! (Louis Wu 19:56:37 UTC) (permalink)


So Cold
SNOWBLIND1717 submitted a music video called 'So Cold' (set to the song of the same name by Breaking Benjamin) to the MPRRS yesterday; it passed handily. Imagine... a music video with a message! This one's nicely filmed, nicely edited - grab a copy. WMP9 version is 33.1 mb, QuickTime version is 32.7 mb. (QT version has been cleaned up a little - hope SNOWBLIND doesn't mind!) (Louis Wu 18:00:48 UTC) (permalink)


Legendary Episode II: Prelude to Eternity
A couple of weeks back, blackouTT made some noise with Legendary, the first episode in a machinima series he's working on. Episode 2 was submitted to the MPRRS this afternoon - and it passed with flying colors in three hours. Wow! As usual, great camera angles. The story is fleshing out. This one's big - over 8 minutes long, 83 mb large. Grab it in WMP9 format, or QuickTime format - your call. (Louis Wu 06:08:35 UTC) (permalink)


For High Charity's Windows
Wellsley created a pretty amazing-looking stained-glass Elite for an art contest... he's a little late, but he certainly deserves some recognition. Check it out! (Louis Wu 05:59:31 UTC) (permalink)


Broken Console has made The Squadron Episode 16 ('Frenchy') available to the public; go grab a copy in WMP9 format from their downloads page, or the QuickTime from our server. Lots of preparation... lots of setbacks. Sometimes I weep for humans. (Louis Wu 05:35:40 UTC) (permalink)


He hates losing.
Bunch of news came in late yesterday - let's get it posted, so I can go to bed. First up - ShocKWav3 is the Player of the Week over at MLGPro.com; go read what makes this guy tick! (Louis Wu 05:33:12 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

Triple Threat - a little late
Putting Your Manhood In Jeopardy
Toys for your (PC) Desktop
H2O v1.5.0 released
New Content at MLGPro.com
I cannae hold her, Captain!

Tuesday's news in brief:

The three biggies, on a level playing field
Bungie's Hiring... Again
Don't go outside without long sleeves and a hat.
Tourneys in the East
Two new Podtaculars

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