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Halo news back Wednesday, February 1, 2006 Halo news forward

Triple Threat - a little late
Bah. I hate it when I forget things. A few days ago, Halo2Forum.com released a trailer for an upcoming montage vid from Titan VIII, Verse, and MADDOG - it was called the Triple Threat, and folks were pretty excited about it. Swing by to grab a copy in WMP9 format. They also submitted this file to the MPRRS - and the reviewers liked it a lot, too. (It's pretty slick, and it's really not very big.) Because of that, we're offering a QuickTime version of the vid - there's no real need to mirror the WMP9 (you can still grab that at H2F), but if you prefer QT, here you go. And I apologize that real life's been getting in the way of this stuff recently. (Louis Wu 19:39:06 UTC) (permalink)


Putting Your Manhood In Jeopardy
The Daily Nebraskan has a profile of Rachel Delovechio, known in Halo 2 circles at PMS Rambo - go read about this girl gamer! (Louis Wu 19:17:39 UTC) (permalink)


Periodically, Bentllama spams our forum with random comments about his favorite breakfast food. If he weren't a Cananimator, we'd probably just ban the guy... but as it is, he tends to draw the forum locals into silliness (as he did last week). Today's One One Se7en gives you Stuntmutt's take on the situation. (Louis Wu 15:07:55 UTC) (permalink)


Toys for your (PC) Desktop
Funkmon found some fun Halo-related stuff at WinCustomize.com - there's a pretty cool-looking clock and an in-progress Windowblinds skin (not downloadable yet). Check 'em out! (Louis Wu 14:28:28 UTC) (permalink)


H2O v1.5.0 released
LunarShadow has updated the H2O Stats Reader to version 1.5 - big changes are in the searching and sorting areas. Check out his forum post for more details! (Louis Wu 14:22:09 UTC) (permalink)


B.J. let us know about Blue and Blond, a webcomic that features Halo today (a departure from the norm, if I'm reading the blog entry right). The permalink doesn't work yet - but I'm guessing that once the next comic is posted, this one will be able to be found here. (Louis Wu 14:20:24 UTC) (permalink)


New Content at MLGPro.com
Back on solid ground, 3Suns pointed out another pair of articles at MLGPro.com. The first is a general-gaming article, not really specifically Halo - but it was written by Overswarm, the author of our Not So Common Sense Strategy Guide, and marks a new era for him - congrats! The second article discusses the second wave of MLG Pro Player Cards is up - 6 new pros have been added. Go check out their stats! (Louis Wu 14:16:02 UTC) (permalink)


I cannae hold her, Captain!
Okay, I'm thinking of changing the website name:

Don't be silly.

What do you think? A couple of days ago, Kotaku posted this note, suggesting that Gamestop stores around the US got an email stating firmly that Halo 3 would not be out in 2006. (A million of you sent this in, linked from many sites - I was going to ignore it altogether, until...) Yesterday, a DIFFERENT site (HEXUS.gaming? Never heard of 'em) posted a note stating that Halo 3 was actually finished, and held at the replicators, awaiting the go-ahead from Microsoft before being manufactured and delivered. We've got a 'too early' and 'too late'... I'm waiting for Baby Bear's prediction. Do I need to remind you that until Bungie says something, everything you read is subject to correction? I hope not. (Louis Wu 14:09:41 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

The three biggies, on a level playing field
Bungie's Hiring... Again
Don't go outside without long sleeves and a hat.
Tourneys in the East
Two new Podtaculars

Monday's news in brief:

Project 117 Trailer
A c0ld Fish.
Take your hula-hoop thing!
Hotshy lays out the Double Shot

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