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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Sierra 117 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

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    When I think of this mission, only one word comes to mind..."sniper". These mischievous mongrels alone make this the start of the "Terrible Triad"; three of Halo's hardest Mythic missions. Best of all, these troublesome tryhards come in two unique variants; Snipers who wield the almighty Beam Rifle just like in Halo 2, and also the new Marksmen, the lesser cousins who carry Carbines.
    The Brutes are no pushovers either. Most of them will be Captains and nearly all of them will be toting Brute Shots around with them. And let's not forget that they tend to lead one or two squads of Grunts around wherever they go; many of which will recklessly stick themselves with a pair of plasmas and flee straight at you if their leader should happen to fall to the might of your weapon.
    I'll begin by diving the mission accordingly:

  1. Opening Skirmish
  2. Marksmen Skirmish
  3. Marine Rescue
  4. The River
  5. Sniper Alley
  6. Pelican
  7. The Dam

    Let's rock!


    Seconds after you awaken from a semi-coma, they already have you back in combat. When does Chief get to take his nap?! -blam!-
    They start you off with an Assault Rifle, a Magnum, and no grenades. Double -blam!-
    There are two ways you can rectify this dilemma. The first is outlined in version 1.0 and displays how you can start the game off with a Battle Rifle. Or if you'd prefer, you can skip the first skirmish entirely as demonstrated below:

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    Describing this is tough, so bear with me. The rock you jump on in the video may take you one or two tries to jump on and get high enough up that you won't slide down. Use the moss beneath the Chief as a guide. Once you get up there, you'll need to crouch and spam-jump to the top of the second rock so you don't slide down. From there, follow the path in the video through the trees until you are able to jump down beyond the enemies. This will keep the Phantoms from spawning and provide you with a safe and easy passage into the next area. Before moving on, trade out your Assault Rifle for one of the full Plasma Pistols mounted inside the Covenant Crates. Then continue forward.


    Your first REAL skirmish for the mission is coming up, so it's best to be prepared. Melee the sleeping Grunt on the right ledge to ensure you're back up to 100% with your shields, and switch out the Magnum for one of the crated Carbines.
    Prioritize your enemies. You'll be dealing with four Marksmen, three Brute Captains, and an assortment of Grunts and Jackals. The three visible Marksmen are your first priority since they are currently the only enemy in the area who can pluck away at your shields from across the battlefield. Usually there will be two in the center (one in a tree), and the third will be off to the left. Kill the two in the center first with the Carbine. It's best to aim towards the little blue light emitting from their head-mounted scope. That light is also an indicator that they are aware of your presence and looking straight at you. Use this to your advantage and honor their choice of combat gear by selecting them to be the first to die in your onslaught. After you've killed the two in the middle, go for the one on the left by edging out slowly.
    It's important to note that if you have the high ground, you can position yourself so that when they shoot, they're hitting the ledge rather than you, and you can still target and successfully shoot them. Play around with it if the opportunity presents itself. It'll be good practice for later...
    Since the Marksman on the far right (on the rock ledge) is out of sight for now, concentrate on the Grunts closest to you to prevent yourself from getting distracted by something else, and then 'naded at a later time. Work your way up until they start retreating. At this point, you may want to take the opportunity to range-shoot the three Brutes or at LEAST disable their armor to make them easy targets for later. You should have a full plasma pistol at this point, so the trouble will be minimal.
    Make the remaining Marksman your next target since there are no other immediate threats around you. I like to sneak along the left ledge and inch my way out slowly until I see him just chillin' out on the ledge. You know what to do. Bring him down!
    With the ranged shooters out of the way, finish off the Grunts, and save the Jackals for last for easy shield regeneration. You may even get lucky and only have to deal with the "pet" variants which is explained further in the Tips & Tricks 2.0 section. In either case, there will be two pairs. The first is located on a ledge opposite from where you entered the area. Toss a frag up there to have them dodge and fall to your level. If they are indeed "stupefied", you can just melee them to death. Otherwise, either stick them or use the classic "plasma-punch" method which involves hitting them with an overcharged shot then assassinating them as they turn to run. Here's how the battle should typically play out:

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    Let's go rescue us a Marine, soldier! Prep yourself with a charging Plasma Pistol before you turn the next corner. Pop out and score a shot with the Brute Captain who will promptly drop his interrogation victim and whip out his Brute Shot. That's your queue to duck back behind the corner. Listen out for the explosions from a few grenade-happy Grunts before lingering out into the open again. If you're lucky, they not only killed themselves, but also the Brute as well. Mutiny with a capital "M". Otherwise, peek out and headshot the Grunts and armor-less captain with your Carbine.
    There will also be two Marksmen Jackals ahead; one on either side of the log. Much of the time, one will retreat to the right side just out of view, so his threat at the moment is minimal. Focus on the Marksman to the left. Use the edge of the terrain to block his shots, and aim for the light on his headgear. Make your way through the trench once you no longer have enemies shooting at you, and up the path on the left. Keep your eyes on the opposite side of the log, and gun down the remaining Marksman as soon as you see him.
    At this point you can breathe for a second as the Arbiter takes a few shots at the Shielded Jackals on the opposite side. Before you head forward, here's a visual recap on what to do:

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    Advance forward far enough to trigger the Grunts from the small cave just to the left of the log on the other side. As soon as you hear them, jump back to the Arbiter and headshot the Grunts. Move forward again. This time keep your eyes on the small hill dead ahead. Use stickies against the two shielded Jackals, or let the Arbiter deal with them. Now headshot the Grunts that were hiding like cowards behind their bird-like allies. A few will hang back with a Brute Captain, so even when you think the coast is clear, don't run in like a maniac. The Arbiter will do that for you...
    When the commotion dies down, peek around one of the rocks and target those Grunts. As usual, combo-kill their leader. If you're low on shields, I'd recommend against trying to melee this one for health. From personal experience I can testify that the area is just too tight to be able to do it safely. You're better off waiting it out.
    Demonstrated below is how the battle should play out:

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    Backtrack for additional Carbine ammo from either the dead Jackals or the crates from the previous area, and grab the BR from inside the little cave where those Grunts were hiding earlier. You should now be well-stocked on mid-ranged weapon ammo, so now lets head to the river for evac.


    Things are about to get nasty. A massive battle will already be underway the second you arrive. Suppress that inner-Spartan temptation to run in and save the day. Let it play out, and stay BACK in cover. Don't meander out too far, or else your run will come to an abrupt end when one of the two Jackal Snipers on the opposite side of the river catches you in its sights.
    Your best bet right now is to stay back. Position yourself so you can see the two Marksmen on the tops of the smaller buildings in the middle, but meander no closer. The last thing you need is to trigger a fight that will end in a chain reaction type death. Yeah, in case you didn't notice, there's a pile of grenades surrounding that Marine corpse near the ledge, and it doesn't take much to set them off. With all that artillery, it makes you wonder how he died in the first place!
    Oftentimes, the Pelicans will kill at least one of the Marksmen, but don't engage until after the Pelicans are attacked. At that point, many of the nearby troops will retreat to the substation giving you a more secure buffer zone.
    Again, top priority here are those Marksmen. Once they're down, we need to deal with the Snipers parked across the river. Poke your head out from your little hiding spot, and use the Battle Rifle to head-shot them one at a time. If one should happen to fall into the water, he's no longer a threat. Apparently all that super high tech space gear isn't H2O resistant. If only Lord Hood had watched Signs, we could have won this war ages ago...
    Now that your buffer zone is almost totally safe, let's go ahead and begin this two-stage battle. The first section is like nothing more than a shooting gallery; you've got the guns, and your targets will be moving from side to side without shooting back. Whip out the Carbine in order to conserve that precious BR ammo and start peppering those Grunts with their own medicine. There will be several of them at the substation, so you just want to take your time and rack up as many headshots as you can.
    Move on to the three Marksmen next. One will be in plain sight on a small ledge in the middle of the substation. The other two will be hidden off to the side on a natural ledge. Even though the BR would typically be a faster way of disposing them, I'd still recommend using the Carbine here to conserve ammo, and you're still out of range from their weapons.
    Lastly, kill the Brutes. Range shooting and pop shots both work well here. Use the area behind the guard rail near the water to pull them off. There should be plenty of Plasma Pistols laying around, so make use of them.

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    Time to move up. For now, drop the BR in a place where you'll remember its location, grab a Plasma Pistol, and head towards that big boulder and to the left. Two Shielded Jackals will be waiting for you. Fragging them is pretty easy, but I'd recommend keeping at least one alive to plasma-punch for shields in case you happened to lose any along the way.
    Reaching the boulder will trigger a Phantom to swoop in with reinforcements containing several Grunt squads and a few Brute Captains. For these guys, I like to take more of a direct approach as seen below.

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    Hammer the Grunts with the Carbine the second they are in sight, both on and off the ship. You can wipe out nearly all of them with a single clip! Usually at some point, Cowbell and Grunt Birthday Party will lend a helping hand by detonating the downed grenades in the process.
    Combo kill the Brute Captains that don't run for cover beyond the bend and use the boulder for cover in the process.
    The remaining enemies should now be just behind the next corner. But don't go running out quite yet. Along with the Brute Captains and their loyal (or fearful) squads of Grunt followers, a Jackal Sniper awaits in the first branch of the closest tree. Let the Arbiter run in first. You'll see him take quite a pounding from incoming grenades and Brute Shot spam. When this is happening, do NOT try to engage the enemy. You'll be blown away... literally. Instead, wait for things to die down, then pop out of cover and try to combo-kill the Brute Captains. When you kill one, most of his Grunt minions will turn schizo and charge you with plasmas stuck to their palms. Let 'em die.
    Retrieve your Battle Rifle once the Grunts and Brutes have bitten the dust. Keep the Carbine for later as well. Poke your head out from the corner and use the BR to headshot the lone Jackal Sniper. At this point, the Arbiter will say something along the lines of "Back into the Jungle!" which tells you the area is all clear. Check out the action in my next video.

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    Before you head into the dark abyss of the jungle, scout around for more ammo, grenades, snack foods, and tampons. Got everything? Good. You'll be visiting this place a few times to restock on some much needed BR ammo. This is what we've been saving it for...

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