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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Cortana 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

    Thanks to all the false propaganda and media-hype, this has become the most feared mission in the game. Is it the hardest? No. It gets much worse than this down the road. I assure you. There are a number of things here that work to your advantage. For example, ammo is plentiful, getting your shields back is usually a cinch, and you can camo your way through the most difficult parts of the mission.
    The only REAL problem here is the sheer randomness. The Flood seem to not only spawn in different places every time, but also can wield different weapons than in your previous attempts. This makes writing an ACCURATE walkthrough of this mission a little more difficult since the scenarios can play out in drastically different ways every time. However, even with this being the case, despite popular belief, there's always a set number that will spawn. There are no infinite waves of Flood. It's just a matter of keeping your eyes peeled and not letting anything slip by.
    Let's divide this mission into segments. Yes, the parts are indeed numerous, but they are also very short.

  1. Pelican Hill
  2. Projector Room
  3. Hell's Hallway
  4. The Hive
  5. Reactor Room
  6. Reactor Room II
  7. Hell's Hallway II
  8. Projector Room II
  9. Exile

    Let's dive on in!


    Before we get too far into it, I'd like to take a brief moment to warn you about some of the more dangerous Flood you'll encounter here. Now I know what you're thinking... "Oh teh noes! Not teh Range Floodz!" Nope. While definitely annoying, they aren't your biggest threat. Yes, they can wear down your shields quickly, but the Flood you really need to be aware of are the Combat forms wielding Brute Shots, Maulers, Swords, and the rare but extremely deadly Shotgun. Most all of these guys can kill you in a single hit, particularly if you've taken ANY damage at all before their encounter. Word of advice. When you see them, make them top priority. Either take them out from a distance or avoid them entirely. Where and when they spawn seems to be completely random for the most part, so you'll just have to take my word for it and keep your eyes peeled.
    Now let's get started...
    You spawn with two weapons; a shotty and an Assault Rifle. We'll be ditching the Shotgun early on. Jump past the Infection forms, head through the door, and take the path on the right which curves up a hill. Trade the shotty for the Energy Sword at the top, jump down, and head through the next door. The weapons in your arsenal should now consist of the Sword and the AR.
    Drop down through the next opening and enter Pelican Hill. It's not worth fighting the legions of Flood that will be trying to chase you down. "Resistance is futile!" Just follow the path in the video to skip the area entirely:

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    Note that this is one of those "random" areas we were talking about before. You'll find an Elite form between you and the exit that will either be wielding a Sword, Hammer, or Shotgun. Which of the three he spawns with seems completely random, though if he spawns with a melee weapon, it's just a matter of jumping over him and continuing onward. If it's the shotty, you'll be forced to engage to keep from getting shot in the back. Check out Version 1.0 for a quick lesson on how to deal with shotty Flood.
    If the Carriers are blocking your exit, toss a frag their way to knock them to the side. Otherwise, just jump over them and continue through to the next area.


    You probably lost shields in Pelican Hill, so you'll want to recharge them here. Go through the next doorway, and you'll come across a small room littered with Elite and Brute bodies. A swarm of Infection Flood will steadily be reanimating them, so take out that Assault Rifle and give the floor a good spray. Despite your best efforts, at least two or three will rise from the dead and start hobbling your way.
    Personally, I like positioning myself near the exit, and letting one of them come to me so I can recharge my shields via Energy Sword. Then simply turn and head up the hill and drop down into the Projector Room. Grab the sword at the bottom and follow the path shown in the video to escape the area without putting to much effort into it:

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    As you can see, going right and below the structure usually causes the Ranged Flood at the other end to morph back into a Stalker and hop out of your way. Don't forget to grab one of the many Active Camos laying around before you head out!


    Arm yourself with Plasma Grenades and stick the two Carriers in the next room. Once they're dead, most of the time a Stalker will attach itself to the far wall and morph into a Ranged Flood. Fortunately he's pretty close to the ground and no match for your lighting fast sword lunge. Turn left and enter Hell's Hallway. In most cases, a Tank Flood will be hobbling your way. Take him out. Two slashes with the sword should do the trick. If one doesn't do it, backpedal to avoid the follow-up swipe, then use the melee button again.
    I'd recommend using the Version 1.0 method to get through this area via jumping on top of the crate against the wall and hugging the right side of the room. However, if the Tank knocks it out of the way, you can use the method below:

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    Use all the little mini-caves on the right side to your advantage. When you reach the near end of the hall and see the mad rush of Combat Flood rushing your way, activate your camo and slip past them undetected. Stop just before the pedestal-looking object you see in the video, and allow the Gravemind to speak. If you go any further, you'll despawn all the equipment from the Projector Room.
    Turn around and head back to the Projector Room. You'll notice all the Combat Flood have magically despawned and all the Pure forms are now in Stalker form back inside the room where you confronted the Carriers. Go on your own little slashing spree and cut them to bits. Once you're back inside the Projector Room, pick up another Active Camo and head back the way you came. While you traverse Hell's Hallway, go ahead and grab a fresh sword and also trade out your Assault Rifle for one of the Carbines in the crate near the initial entrance. Now head to the other side of Hell's Hallway.


    The door at the opposite end of Hell's Hallway leads directly into the Hive. Walk towards the door close enough to open it, but don't actually go through yet. If you wait a few seconds, a few Combat forms will start hobbling down the second floor. Take your time and clear them out with the Carbine. Reducing their numbers will help you immensely in the next few moments, and remember, you can always go back for more ammo.
    When you feel the area is sufficiently clear, follow the video in order to quickly get from the ground floor all the way up to the top level. You'll be using your camo as you cross the bridge made of Flood matter to avoid the Combat Flood ahead. If you gunned down enough of them earlier, there shouldn't be too many blocking your path. Follow the caves to the top as shown in the video:

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    A group of Tank Flood will be blocking your path to the exit. Lure them into the cavern one by one and sword them into oblivion. With fully charged shields, make a mad dash for the exit. Yes, you will probably have a few Ranged forms shooting bone-missiles your way, but you should be able to get through the exit before they can kill you. If you don't feel confident that you can, feel free to hang back in the cave and toss either Plasma Grenades or Spike Grenades at them. Remember, a direct stick will kill them instantly.


    Take a minute to cool down in the purple hue of the empty caverns before passing through the next door and into the Reactor Room. When you're ready, head through the door and enter the massive Reactor Room. Follow the path in the video:

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    You'll need to recharge your shields before charging the Ranged form clenched to the wall, so either melee one of the Stalkers, or a Brute Combat form along the way. One of the two should be present in the narrow space. Work your way around and slash the Ranged Flood. Kill the Tank next, and if there's another Ranged form further down, sneak down along the wall to gut it as well. You'll notice that oftentimes when you approach a Ranged form, it will start to morph into another type of Pure form, usually a Stalker.
    Level the Combat forms next. They should be relatively simple here. No really threatening weapons around to cut you down with... yet...
    Finally, make your way around the room and slice up the remaining Pure forms. Most of them won't even attack you at this point, so just take your time. Fortify the room when you're done by using the three Deployable Covers scattered about. One will be near the side where you entered. Use this one to block the way between that side and the center. The other two should be placed between the Cortana door and the rest of the room. Again, see the above video for exact locations. It will greatly help you in the coming battle.
    Another item to note. Just like in The Covenant, this is one of those areas where it would be to your benefit to separate the corpses from the weapons. That way if they just so happen to ressurect upon your return, they won't have anything but their own two tentacles to fight you with. Woo-hoo! Lastly, grab a Bubble Shield and go rescue yourself a cyber chick!


    So now you've found companionship with a naked hologram. Good for you. Let's bust outta this joint! Upon re-entering the Reactor Room, drop the Bubble Shield and check out your surroundings. The Bubble will protect you from any Ranged Flood who have cleverly positioned themselves on the nearby walls waiting for you to emerge. Stick them. There will also more than likely be a couple of Combat Flood and even one or two Tank forms closing in on your location. Back up into your little corridor if necessary and dish out the Flood hate one flesh-bag at a time.
    Scope out the center and Carbine-kill any shieldess forms that happen to enter your sights. Use stickies/firebombs to kill any Ranged Flood that have positioned themselves nearby as well. The two Deployable Covers should protect you and give you something to retreat to when they start missiling your location.
    When you're ready, man up and take the center area for your own. You may have a couple of Elite forms to deal with, but at this point you should be very used to tangoing with them using the sword. Again, the dangerousness of their weapons should be minimal. Keep your eyes out, though, for any rogue Brute Flood that might be wielding Maulers.
    We still need to wipe out the Flood near the exit. Usually at least one or two Ranged Flood have set up camp near the door. You can use Firebombs or Stickies to try and take them out, or you can use one of the Active Camos in the room to charge over there and use the good ol' face to face approach. I prefer the latter. Once they are down, just like before, mop up the rest with the Sword. Armed Combat forms should be top priority, then the motionless Stalkers. I take it you want a visual reference for all this...

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    Activate the three remaining cores using the console in the center, and use a Brute Shot (one round each) to blow them away. Now before you leave, grab a full Sword and the remaining Active Camo. Head back to the center. Near your exit, you should now see a lone Brute Flood wielding a Mauler. Head-shot him with your Carbine and pass through the door behind him.
    Drop down back into Hell's Hallway and start running. Keep to the right. Try not to shoot or draw attention to yourself. When they start shooting, it will be from behind. Start jumping to avoid their shots. The weapons they spawn with seems to be random, but expect Maulers and Brute Shots along with the less dangerous weapons. When you get to the end, a cluster of Carriers will be hanging around the exit. Toss a grenade if you need to. Otherwise, jump over them and keep going. This is how I do it...

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    You're returning to the Projector Room, and you need to expect the worst. Brute Shots and Maulers are all too common. And while you won't find any Ranged forms clinging to the walls, it's fairly common to see at least one Elite form wielding a Carbine which is just as bad. For this method, though, we're going to skip it all. Follow the path you see in the video, and wait as long as possible to activate the camo.
    Slip past them all. The closed doors ahead will open, revealing another wave of Flood. Expect an Elite using a sword to be among them. He's probably going to be your greatest threat since you will be coming pretty close into striking distance of his one-hit-kill melee. After you've passed them, one of the panels up ahead will explode from the wall, and a Tank form will come lumbering out. Watch out! He can fling that panel across the hall and splatter you in the blink of an eye. Either kill him or avoid him, but whatever you do, do it quick. By now your camo is probably fading (if not gone completely) and the rest of the Flood will be heading in your direction. Make a mad dash for the hole in the wall that the panel once covered, and exit the room. Here's a visual confirmation.

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    You're almost home free! Approach the hole in the floor and watch as a few Combat forms rush by. Take a moment and try to pick one or two off with your Carbine. Drop down when it's safe and start heading towards the door. Normally it will be open. Pick off the non-shielded forms with your Carbine. Let the Elites charge and do the sword dance with 'em. You know they like the rough stuff...
    Two Carriers will also be in the narrow, Flood-filled corridor. Stick them, preferably with Plasma Grenades. Proceed forward, and you'll now be re-entering Pelican Hill. Lure some of the Combat forms to the door and take them out one at a time. This will help decrease the risk of your mad dash. When it gets to a point where none are charging your way anymore, take a peek outside. If the way appears clear, run like hell to the Pelican and blast out of High Charity, leaving the Gravemind sad and alone.

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