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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Covenant Kamikaze 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

    Admittedly this has the potential of being a painfully long mission which can draw out some rather drastic complications when playing on Mythic. Fortunately I've cooked up yet another guide for you which will enable you to tackle this mission in well under an hour. Yes, it's tricky. Yes, it's riskier. Yes, it's more dangerous. But if Danger is your middle name... then perhaps your parents were high when you were born...
    This is a very different style from the other two versions, and one of the things I enjoy about it aside from the speed is that it frees you up from having to tote the laser around for 60 percent of the mission. However, I'd highly recommend choosing your run style BEFORE starting your mission. Mixing tactics up between this one and the other two is NOT recommended.
    The parts here are no different than Version 2.0:

  1. Tower One
  2. Tower Three + Dogfight
  3. Scarabs
  4. Citadel

    So let's begin!


    Head for the water as soon as the controls are in your hands. If the opportunity presents itself, head-shot a few Grunts along the way. Your first objective is to laser BOTH Shade turrets. Next, laser the Brute Captain since you don't have a Plasma Pistol at this point, and use your Battle Rifle to finish him off along with the local Grunts. Your target here is to obtain the Bubble Shield near the crate. You'll be needing this later. Once you have it, skip the remainder of the battle by wading through the water and up the canyon just like in Version 2.0. Here's how the battle should play out:

    Walking up the slope of a large empty canyon is the most tedious part of this method, but it's also the safest. This will pretty much be the only time where you'll have a chance to sit back and rest for a moment, though, so enjoy it while you can. Keep going even after you're told that the beach head is secure. We aren't going back for the Hog this time. Instead, whip out that Battle Rifle and head shot the Grunt you see running for his Ghost. The other Ghost will take off just beyond the hill. Don't mess with it. Trade your Laser for one of the Beam Rifles in the crate, jack the Ghost, and boost off the cliff into the open area.
    Follow the path shown in the video. You may get nipped by either the Shade on the left, or the secondary gunner of the Wraith, but if you're fast enough, you shouldn't take too much damage. Position yourself on the opposite side of the tower so the Shade can't get to you. Wait a couple of seconds for the Prowlers to leave their hiding spot, then boost off the side, into the corridor, and ram the Shade turret stationed inside. If you can boost around the corner quickly, do it. Otherwise hop out as fast as you can and drop the Bubble Shield. Watch and learn:

    Grab the Active Camo near the crate and head inside. When you reach the glass barrier, activate the camo, head left, jump on top of the crates, and through the window. If you're fast enough, you can activate the switch, bash one of the Grunts for shields, and jump back on to the lift before it ascends. Here's your vid:

    When you get to the top, it's the same as Version 2.0. Trade out the Beam Rifle for one the Plasma Pistols in the right crate, and use it to combo kill the Brute Minor on the left (since he'll be the first to approach). Move around the glass barrier and do the same to Brute Minor #2. Back up to avoid the Brute Shots from the Captains, grab your Beam Rifle, and use it to take one of them out. As for the second one, move forward as you disable his armor with the Beam Rifle so you are in FRONT of the glass barrier when you kill him. This will HEAVILY decrease the chances of the Weapon Chieftain activating his Invincibility. Killing the second Captain will trigger the Chieftain to charge. Again, kill him by using the assassination method described in the Tips & Tricks 2.0 section. Here's a video just in case you hate to read:

    WARNING! If the Chieftain has a Flare instead of Invincibility, or if he uses his Invincibility, quit the game and start over. You'll need that power up later. Trust me. Hit the switch, zip through the cut scene, and descend the tower.
    At the bottom, all the enemies will be bunched up at the front door. Your Marines will be engaging them, so I like to take a few seconds to lend a helping hand. Sometimes killing those key enemies yourself will spell "victory" for the Marines. I do emphasize the word "sometimes". Sneak down to the bottom level and head towards the back door. When it opens, three Grunts will sneakily be trying to Ninja their way through. Kill them.
    From here, go ahead and grab one of the Carbines from the crate just to the left of the door, and trade out your Beam Rifle for a full Plasma Pistol from one of the crates in the next room. Now you can return to the lift and pick off the enemies near the door until you emerge victorious like so:

    Before you head back out into the open wilderness of the Ark, grab some additional Carbine ammo from one of the two crates in the room and snag the last full Plasma Pistol from the remaining crate in the back. You'll need these very shortly. Also, take the time to fill up on any Frag Grenades and Spike Grenades you might see laying around. Exit to the front of the tower, snatch the Mongoose, and speed down towards the beach. Jump inside the Hornet the second you get there, and take off without the Marines.


    Watch the video to get an idea on how to skip the ENTIRE dogfight sequence:

    The key here is to fly low, and hug the outer invisible barrier. Not so much that is slows down the Hornet, but just enough to be a safe distance from the Banshees. They will eventually start to chase you down, but keep going. When you get near Tower Three, start ascending towards the left side of the tower. Race past all the baddies and bring the Hornet down right in front of the left entrance. Hug the right wall to avoid Wraith mortar and whip out that Plasma Pistol. Usually at least one Brute wielding a Brute Shot will emerge from the back section in the mood for a face off. Combo-kill him. The others should start heading up the opposite side. Even if they remain in the back, you should be able to slip by them and through the door.
    Switch to your Frag Grenades and head right. The Drones will flood the corridor, so use the corner for cover. Start chucking grenades at the floor beneath them like there's no tomorrow. Frags and Spikes seem to have the greatest effect. Remember, when 8 are dead, the rest will retreat. At this point the Hunters are probably sneaking up behind you. Send them on a wild goose chase by looping around through the lift room and back to the side where you entered. They should remain in the back area for a few seconds. Then, you can use a trick jump to skip the Brutes in the back room and access the lift immediately. Here's how to conquer the base of Tower Three:

    Have your Plasma Pistol ready. The second you get to the top, the four Stalkers surrounding the War Chieftain will cloak themselves. If you can, try to send a plasma overcharge their way. You may get lucky and snag one. There's a fun glitch you can use here too. Stay behind the glass and let the berserking Brutes charge you. Most of the time, they will try to hit you through the glass. Between swings, you can run up to them and actually hit them through the glass! Four hits equals death. The rest will usually hang around the sides nearby. Overcharge their armor with the Plasma Pistol, let them run to the glass, and just beat them to death. Rinse and repeat for all four. Grab the NEW Plasma Pistol from the left crate before trying to take one the War Chieftain. Nothing worse than making it all the way up there just to pull the trigger on a dead battery...
    Wait for him to be distracted. Usually he'll start pacing. Then, sneak your way over to him using the side columns as cover. When you get close enough, hit him with an overcharged shot which will stun him for roughly half a second. Take this opportunity to assassinate him and clear the top of Tower Three. Need a visual? Well it just so happens we have one:

    Before hitting the switch, juggle all the loose weapons into a corner to avoid having them picked up by the Flood. Believe it or not, they can use pretty much anything including the Chieftain's Plasma Cannon! Stock up on Firebombs, grab a Plasma Rifle or two, and hit the switch...
    Ha. I love that High Charity sequence. One of the most shocking moments in the game indeed.
    The Flood are now swarming the tower. Toss the Firebombs towards the back of the room to take out a few masses of Infection Flood, and use the Plasma Rifle(s) to mop up the rest. You'll have at least one shielded Elite form to deal with, so use the plasma to wear down his shields and finish him off with a hard melee to the melon. Watch out for the Human form wildly waving an Assault Rifle through the air. Make him your next priority. Then just carefully take out the Brute forms. A sturdy melee to each of them will usually do the trick. Toss a few grenades behind the Flood matter to kill the cowardly Combat Flood hiding behind them, and descend the tower. Watch:

    This is where that Invincibility really comes in handy. When you descend, the Hunters and Brutes will be engaging the Flood. Most of the time, they will be far too busy to mess with you, but you need to be quick. It won't take long for the Covenant to prevail, and the Arbiter won't be around to help you this time.
    Note, if you already see the Brutes fighting the Flood when you descend, go ahead and jump off the platform to the left of the lift and carefully make your way to the exit. If not, that means they are coming from the left side and you don't want to be right in front of them when you land, so jump off the center of the lift instead. Once you are out the door, DO NOT activate your Invincibility until you've made it to the Carrier on the right. The Brutes you didn't kill prior to entering the tower will be waiting just outside, and you'll need every second of that power up to escape to the tank.


    Admittedly, I used the tank to destroy everything between Tower Three and the Scarabs in my Kamikaze run, but since both Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 cover this section pretty well, I'm going to suggest using the REAL Kamikaze method via the Gauss Hog which will allow you to rush the area all the way to the Hornets, and then use the Hornets to disable both Scarabs similar to Version 2.0. Check out the video below:

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    Yes, it's riskier, but if you're doing this for speed and you prefer racing through areas of certain death, then this method is for you. I will add one additional pointer for the Scarabs that I didn't include in either of the previous guides. For Scarab #2, if you get back up to the cliff and it has its back to you, use the tank to destroy it. You're pretty much guaranteed victory at that point, and to be completely honest, when it isn't facing you, trying to board it via the Hornet method becomes a bit harder to pull off. Destroying a Scarab with a tank is outlined in Version 1.0. Basically, all you need to do is aim for its back, blast it off, then shoot for the core. However, if it is facing you, go ahead and board it with the remaining Hornet.
    When you've managed to bring down these hulking titans, make sure you still have your Carbine and Plasma Pistol, then head inside.


    You have two ways to tackle this first area. If you're a pro at "shooting from the hip", then you can take aim right away and start sniping the Grunts the second they start emerging from their hiding places. But you'll need to do this quick since they'll start chucking plasmas your way the instant they come to their senses. Alternatively, you can jump to the side when the cut scene ends and let the Flood engage them first. This will take the attention off of you and allow you to shoot with less worry about getting stuck. Kill the Grunts first (both the ones nearby and the two Fuel Rod Grunts in the back), then go for the Jackals if the Flood hasn't already dealt with them for you, and lastly the Brute Captain "supervising" the whole thing. Just like this:

    Jump on top of the first structure with a pair of Plasma Pistols and range-shoot the Brutes below. Let the Flood convert them, and then jump down to trigger the Jump-Jet Brutes stationed on the other side. Backpedal through the room and position yourself back on top of the structure. Do the same thing you did before and range-shoot them to remove their armor. Push forward when you feel the area is safe enough, and range-shoot the two Captains on the far side with the Chieftain. Take the Chieftain's shields down while you're at it. Again, the Flood can handle all three of them from here. If the Chieftain uses his Invincibility, go ahead and disable his shields again. Don't forget to head-shot the two Fuel Rod Grunts perched on the opposite side. Check it out:

    Juggle the weapons away from the bodies in the last area, particularly that troublesome looking shotgun, grab one of the full Plasma Pistols laying on the ground, and hit the switch to the light bridge. When the controls are yours again, use your Plasma Pistol to plasma-punch the two Elite Combat forms. Keep up with the Arbiter on your way out, and deal with the Flood accordingly. It's pretty much Version 2.0 from here on out, so just remember to take your time, and let the AI do most of the fighting for you. Use the Carbine for any unshielded forms and plasma punch the Elites (with the exception being the one with the Sword. One last video for your viewing pleasure:

    Make your way to the shoot, and drop down to finish one of the longest missions in the game.

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