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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Floodgate 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

    The culling of Voi...

    Hands down, this is by far the easiest mission in the game. If you're just starting to dampen your Mythic feet, this is where you should begin. You can literally run through Flood-Voi from start to finish without even killing a single enemy. Yes, it's that easy!
    In version 1.0 I showed you how to ruthlessly vanquish the Flood-infested city. Now I'm going to show you how to speed through it in under five minutes.
    I've split this mission into a mere two sections, divided only by the cut scene in the middle:

  1. Pre-Shadow of Intent
  2. Post-Shadow of Intent

    Fasten your seatbelts!


    Book it. No really. RUN! Race down the hill with your Assault Rifle at the ready. No, silly, we aren't going to actually use the thing. That would be sheer madness... But we are going to swap it out for a far more useful Gravity Hammer laying next to a dead Chieftain.
    This weapon will become your best friend for the next five minutes, so treat it well by heartlessly bashing it into anything and everything that gets in your way.
    Weave through the narrow passages, ignore the Flood who got the drop on your Marine buddies, and push through towards the building. That's what they get for 'nading the crap out of you during The Storm. Once inside, again ignore the Marines getting attacked by several Infection Flood, take an immediate left, hop down, and grab the Regenerator. Make your way around the next corner, through the crates, and into the next room. From here, jump on top of the crates and onto the catwalk. Follow it until you reach the "white room". You'll know it when you see it.
    At this point, you shouldn't have had to use your Hammer yet, but if a swarm of Flood just happened to be blocking your path, taking one or two swings isn't a big deal. None of them have shields or weapons at this point, so one swing will be highly effective against anything you hit.
    Bust through the glass, jump to the lower level, head through the door, and bash the thin wall with the Hammer. The effects will breach the wall to the other side and smash some of the waiting Combat forms to smithereens.
    Round the next corner and finish them off. This is really the only truly challenging area in Part-1 simply because there are so many of them, and most of them have weapons even though they are nearly useless against the might of your Hammer.
    Ignore the loco Marine, head through the door, and grab a breath of fresh, Flood-infested air. Ahhh. Smell that pollution!
    The video below demonstrates how to rush the first half of the mission.

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    It starts getting a tad bit more complicated from here on out, so pay attention. Keep along the catwalk until it runs out. At the edge, you'll find more BR ammo. Never hurts to run over it just in case.
    When you jump down, stay against the right wall. It will soon curve up towards the next platform, at which point you will need to jump on the wall's natural mini-ledges to reach the concrete platform. Don't worry. There's a video later on showing you how to do this...
    When you reach the top, enter the building via the entrance on the right. Ready your Battle Rifle. A couple of human combat forms will drop down from the elevated section on the left. Headshot them by shooting a few bursts into their chest cavities. Yeah, I said headshot them by shooting them in the chest... don't judge me!
    Leap onto the platform from which they came and follow it all the way into the next room. At some point, a wave of Flood will appear from every opening in the area. When they start shooting, it's at this point where I recommend you drop the Regenerator to recharge those shields. You'll need it for the upcoming segment.
    Hop down through the opening above the blast door and head outside once again. Now things start getting a bit nasty. The Elite forms will have shields, and Pure Form Flood also get thrown into the mix. Again, hug the wall on the right-hand side and avoid as much as you possibly can. Avoid the sword-wielding combat forms entirely, as they can and will kill you with a single blow. Same with the new Tank Flood. Your Elite allies should be drawing at least a little bit of the attention away from you. At least they're good for something!
    If you happened to snag the Deployable Cover along the way, I'd recommend dropping it as soon as you start taking heavy fire from any Ranged Flood. Additionally, if anything physically stands in your way, using the Hammer will not only knock them out of the way (or blast them to pieces), but will also recharge your shields!
    When heading up the ramp to the ship's interior, avoid the Tank Flood, and charge any Ranged Flood that are on the ground. The Hammer will deal with the latter very easily. The former will get you killed.
    Make a crazy flying leap into the ship, scream something offensive, and find Cortana to bring the mission to a close.

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    For a Flood level, that wasn't so bad at all, now was it?

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