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Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough v2.0 by Daniel Morris

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Crow's Nest 2.0

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare

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    In terms of difficulty, I'd have to give this one a 4 out of 5. Tight spaces mixed in with legions of Brutes and tons of grenades usually results in a less than satisfactory scenario for the Chief. On top of that, Arbiter only pops in once to save the day. At least it's at a time when we could use him...
    I've divided the mission into the following parts, once again steering a bit further away from the chapters Bungie has put in place:

  1. Pre-Hangar
  2. Hangar
  3. Drones
  4. Motor Pool I
  5. Barracks
  6. Landing Pad
  7. Motor Pool II
  8. Ops Center
  9. Escape


    You start out in the ops center. Sure, they tell you to head off to do this, that, and the other, but what do they do? Stand around and chit-chat. That's why we're losing the war, damnit!
    Regardless, grab a Battle Rifle from the nearby gun rack, and follow the Marines into your first combat scenario. When the door opens, I recommend charging out straight away. To your immediate left will be three unsuspecting Grunts. Headshot them and trade off whatever secondary weapon you have for one of their Plasma Pistols. A small group of enemies will be charging you from the opposite side of the tunnel at this point. Four Shielded Jackals and a group of Grunts will be among your foes. Take the time to headshot as many Grunts as you can. This is the advantage of dashing out into the tunnel as quick as you can; the enemies will still be far away which gives you ample opportunity to take a bunch of them out from afar.
    The Marines will rush in at some point and begin bowling grenades at the Jackals. Watch out, though. They have terrible aim and tend to bounce a few back at the Chief. You might as well conserve your ammo anyway.
    If a Brute Captain hasn't already made an appearance, he will once you advance far enough. He's wielding a Brute Shot, so take him out quickly. He'll usually be accompanied by three or four Grunts, too, depending on when he enters the tunnel.
    On a side note, if grenade spam hasn't completely wrecked the tunnel at this point, there may be a few BR clips near the dead Warthog if you need to reload.
    Moving forward, when you enter the little side tunnel via the small door on the left, four Marksmen will be ready to pick your shields away from the opposite end. They will joined by four grenade-happy Grunts too, so take them out first. The Marksmen are a bit easier. If you hide behind the door on the right side, you can inch your way out until you can just barely see the Jackals. At this point you can shoot at them without them shooting back at you. This is by far the easiest and safest method for dealing with them. For a more visual demonstration, check out the video below.

    Once the area is clear, take the time to scout around for more ammo. Grab two Plasma Pistols from the previous area (for some reason they won't despawn) and drop them anywhere in the Marksmen tunnel. Next, collect the Carbines and ammo for them. You'll see why in a minute. Leave the full Carbine in the Marksmen tunnel for now, and proceed into the Hangar with a BR and Plasma Pistol.


    When you enter the Hangar, use the door on the left with your BR ready. Shoot the two Grunts and head up the stairs. Assist your helpless Marines on the other side, and grab some BR ammo from the watchtower room while you're at it. You can also poke holes in the windows and shoot at the Grunts on the lower level. Height is currently to your advantage, so you might as well use it.
    Book it to the entry level as soon as you hear the hum of incoming Phantoms. This will be the first of three additional waves you'll face. For the sake of safety and convenience, we're going to set up camp at the entry level. More specifically, in the room right before the Hangar (we'll call that the "hideout" for now).
    Your BR ammo should be full at this point, so as soon as the Grunts start descending from the dropships, burst 'em. Most of the enemies will begin charging the stairs immediately, so the Grunts should be easy targets. The Brutes and Jackals? Not so much. When they get too close, you're going to want to retreat to the hideout for two reasons. First off, enemies are about to flank you. Second, your Marines can't tell the difference between you and a Brute, and odds are you'll get 'naded somewhere along the way.
    From the safety of your hideout, you can plasma-charge Brutes and either have the Marines grenade the crap out of them, or headshot them yourself. The same applies to Jackals. I will say, though, that you should "stick' Brutes as often as you can rather than combo-kill them. This will save you a lot of ammo that might otherwise be difficult to come by later on in the fight.
    When you've killed enough enemies from the current wave, the next one will swoop in to back them up. Same deal as before, but this time, make the Brutes a higher priority. If you don't, then they'll retreat to the ground floor when the next wave arrives, causing them to be a far bigger pain to kill. Also, set the Brute Captain wielding the Brute Shot highest on your list. Additionally, if the opportunity presents itself, you may want to take the time to made another mad dash upstairs to collect additional Battle Rifle ammo. That gun rack has a horrible tendency to despawn right before the final wave.
    Speaking of the final wave, when the dropships arrive, the remaining foes from previous waves will retreat to the floor. This can be both good and bad. On the plus side, you won't have to worry about hordes of enemies charging your location. This is great for killing Grunts. It's just like the shooting gallery at the carnival! However, this can be rather dangerous for tangoing with the Brutes, particularly the ones with Brute Shots.
    Prioritize. Take out the Grunts first, then try to pop-shot the Brutes. For the Brute Shot Captains, this is why we saved the Carbine. Unlike the Battle Rifle, the Carbine can actually take a toll on the Brutes' armor. It will take a little more than a clip of ammo to destroy the shields of a Captain, and less for a Brute Minor. This is also assuming that you aren't taking breaks between bursts. Bear in mind that if you wait too long between bursts, their armor will recharge. But once their armor is off completely, it stays off. My advice? Switch back to the Battle Rifle to land that final headshot.
    Save the Jackals for last. Oftentimes they will try to hold a Plasma Pistol charge throughout the battle which results in them depleting their weapons entirely. This renders them completely harmless, allowing you to recharge your shields with zero resistance.


    Time to swat us some flies! Drop your Plasma Pistol for a Brute Shot and scout around for as much ammo as you can find. There may be one more in the Hangar and another in the tunnel. If there are any turrets still up, grab on of those too and start making your way back towards the Ops Center. The ominous buzzing you'll hear along the way isn't just for show either.
    When you reach the amphitheater-style room, a Marines will be waving you in. Not so fast, soldier! A swarm of Drones will quickly descend on the unsuspecting troops. When one of them lifts the Marine into the air, whip out that Brute Shot and nail the Marine in the chest. The Mythic skull will keep him alive, but the splash damage will kill the Drone. From here on out, most of the little buggers will be hanging around the back wall. Try to target clusters of them with the Brute Shot. Rinse and repeat until you run out of ammo. At that point, switch to the turret and pound the back wall with those armor-piercing bullets. Now you should be able to move forward a bit, at which point the Marines will start lobbing grenades at the remaining Drones. Check below for a visual demonstration.

    This room will become a major source of ammo in regards to the next battle, so make note of the Plasma Pistols scattered all over the floor, load up on BR ammo just through the back door, and continue onward.


    This next encounter is a whopper and could very well be considered one of the toughest in the game. You're about to go head to head against a dozen Brutes and their Chieftain leader. Fortunately, you have plenty of ammo to get you through the battle. So at this point it's really more of a matter of patience more than anything else.
    At this point, you should be wielding two Plasma Pistols with a BR on your back. Open both doors and head down to the Motor Pool. Note that if you exit the last door, the one leading back to the Ops Center will close, locking you out of all that spare ammunition you received from the Drones. So whatever you do, do not exit that door just yet!
    The formula here is rather simple. First, you'll open fire by charging both Plasma Pistols and striking two of the three Brutes in the center section. Try to make sure at least one of those is the Captain. Getting him out of the way first will make this battle much easier.
    Your best weapon here will be your pop-shot. Hide beside the door long enough for the Brutes to lose interest, charge your Plasma Pistol, and pop out and shoot. Then immediately duck back into cover. You shouldn't be visible for more than half a second. If you pulled it off correctly, the Brute won't move and will receive your menacing volley head-on. Apply this technique to all the Brutes hanging around the back area. For the ones that come close enough, you can use the Plasma Pistol's homing ability to cheap-shot your opponents.
    When only a few Brutes remain, the back door will open and reinforcements will join the current squad. Among them will be two Carbine Captains. These are by far your biggest threat since they can peck away at your shields/health from the other side of the room. One of them will usually charge close to your vicinity. The rest will continue to hang back. Apply the same techniques used in the first wave. Pop-shot the cowards, and combo-kill the nitwits.
    The Chieftain will usually charge after all of his Brute buddies are dead, but occasionally, he'll go ape (pun not intended) when only three or less remain. Either way, don't get caught in the tunnel, but rather meet him inside the room and land the assassination by side-stepping his lunge and doing a 180. This will cause the door to the Ops center to lock, but at this point it shouldn't matter. There's a spare 100% Plasma Pistol right beside the trailer on the left side of the room, and there's additional BR ammo on the second floor for later.
    For now, go ahead and drop that Deployable Cover, giving you something to hide behind as you poke out and combo-kill the remaining Brutes. The entire battle should play out like this...

    This is your chance to stock up on ammo. With the Brutes dead, scavenge the area for two more 100% Plasma Pistols. There were four total to begin with, and if you needed to use one to kill the remaining Brutes, there should be three left. One will be on the second floor left-hand side, another will be in the middle-rise section on the left, and the last one will be towards the back. Grab two of them, stock up on BR ammo via one of the weapons caches on the second floor, and be sure to grab one of the Gravity Lifts in the room as well. You're now ready to move forward.
    When you approach the pipe leading down into the ventilation shaft, a Drone may or may not pop out. If he does, a melee should bring him to justice, but either way do NOT drop one of the Plasma Pistols into the hole. It will despawn the second you jump down, and having both of them will make the upcoming battle much easier.
    The Drones in the pipes will pass by in timed intervals. My recommendation from here would be to time them to the best of your ability and simply run through them like so...

    The Arbiter can handle all of the Drones just outside the pipes, so feel free to jump down once the area is clear. At this point you should be ready to infiltrate the barracks and save the survivors!

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