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I am better. At what? Everything.
Gugga Leunnam created a mashup using audio from the new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer and Halo 4 footage... it works astoundingly well! I found this on the Halo Waypoint blog. (Louis Wu 20:35:32 UTC) (permalink)


Walshy Waxes Philosophical about Competitive Gaming
MixMaker1 sat down with Walshy at PAX East a couple of weeks ago - go watch the interview! (Louis Wu 20:31:37 UTC) (permalink)


UNSC Emblem Render Desktop
Firestream whipped up another awesome looking desktop - I don't want that on my screen, I want that on my DESK. Someone get on that. (Louis Wu 20:30:32 UTC) (permalink)


Whoda thunk Halo fans didn't like sci-fi?
Shacknews highlighted a tidbit from Josh Holmes' postmortem of Halo 4 given at GDC last week - you may have missed it if you weren't watching carefully. Looks like some of the cooler unused guns that have surfaced in Halo 4's code since release were cut not because they didn't work - but because they made the game too sci-fi-like... and thereby less relatable. gamerguy2002 brought this to our forum, and added his own thoughts - go chime in yourself! (Louis Wu 20:28:50 UTC) (permalink)


Concept Art Cornucopia
I stumbled across Thomas Scholes, a concept artist who did a lot of work on Halo 4, a couple of years back - you can find a whole bunch of his work on his blogspot blog, and much of that work has comments if you swing over to his Tumblr page. There are also large versions on this portfolio site. A walk through his tumblr turns even more Halo 4 concept art - there's new stuff from Sparth (hey, there's an entirely new SITE from Sparth), as well as cool stuff from Shae Shatz. For concept art lovers, this is a mother lode! (Louis Wu 20:19:54 UTC) (permalink)


Something For Every Body
TTL Demag0gue reminds us that the latest issue of Reclaimer is out. It's getting really good! Go check it out! (GrimBrother One 15:09:15 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

There Castle, There Cheevo
Grifball's gonna be at RTX
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How to craft a perfect world
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Maker and Master
Good Will HUD-ing
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Monday's news in brief:

Like Visiting Cheers, but with Way More Drinking Involved
What the world needs now, is hugs, free hugs.
Halo 5' Gets New Lead Designer
Destiny's Child Quits the Band
Apparently, she really knows how to push his buttons.
A Future Fair for All

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