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Halo news back Sunday, March 17, 2013 Halo news forward Happy St. Paddy's Day!

The Bottom of the Elevator, Remastered
The Superwaffle came in with another ridiculous Halo 3 trick - a drop to the bottom of the Crows Nest final elevator. It took 6 equipment jumps to make it down there (with 4 separate players) - I'm amazed it only took them 3 hours. Go watch the video! (Louis Wu 22:34:00 UTC) (permalink)


The Wearing of the Green
Wow, fun. Looks like several playlists are reflecting the mood of St. Patrick's Day today - with armor color forced to green. Awesome! Thanks to MacGyver10 for pointing it out, and to Kal for providing a number of entertaining screenshots on GrifballHub! (Louis Wu 22:27:24 UTC) (permalink)


A Warthog on Cairo Station... for real!
Grumpy sent word of a really bizarre Halo 2 trick recently finished by DrBizz - apparently, a warthog can be found on Cairo Station, without modding! (It had been found back in 2006, by a modder - but nobody ever expected it to be seen in a non-modded game.) It's invisible except when zoomed in, and you can't move it - but you CAN honk the horn and shoot the turret. Weird! (There's a thread at Alt-Gaming if you want to ask questions.) (Louis Wu 19:07:58 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Collector's Game Guide for Cheap
If you looked at the Halo 4 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide, and said "$40 is too much for that" (or even "Amazon's got it for $27 - still too much"), you might want to swing by Best Buy right now and pick it up for $7! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 14:32:03 UTC) (permalink)


McFarlane Figures for Sale
tadboz is selling a bunch of Halo figures - swing by his page on Figure.fm for details. (There's a lot of other stuff for sale, too - search the page for 'McFarlane Halo'.) (Louis Wu 14:24:16 UTC) (permalink)


Getting out of Composer's Hangar
t00lbox has a new way to get out of Composer - swing by to watch! I'm not that good at grenade jumps (partially a factor of my chosen control scheme) but this one's doable. (Louis Wu 14:21:36 UTC) (permalink)


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