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Halo news back Saturday, March 16, 2013 Halo news forward

Reckless Rewind
Gandemo dug up some old Halo 3 footage - my nostalgia meter's running pretty high right now. Go watch - good stuff! (Louis Wu 15:51:49 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 130
Achievement Hunter's Fails of the Weak series is up to 130 - lots of Ghosts. And silly people. Watch it on AH.com or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 15:50:33 UTC) (permalink)


Color changes and bizarre armor combos
Hoovaloov was playing through Halo 2, and came across a couple of funky glitches - go see! (Louis Wu 15:45:46 UTC) (permalink)


The 2012 Lars Cup
Last year, at PAX Prime, a bunch of Halo fans got together and celebrated international chocolate. This event has been covered before - but Greenskull from ReadyUpLive went just a little farther. If you were there, this video will bring back fantastic memories. If you weren't, you'll wish you were. (Unless you don't like chocolate. In which case you're a bad person and you should feel bad.) (Louis Wu 15:38:52 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

Fantastic Fan-Art Focus Friday Feature
Anoj's Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 19
Halo 4 at Midwest Geekfest
Give a Dog a Bone

Thursday's news in brief:

Shotty fun in The Library
Halo HORSE 118
Halo 3, start to finish, 73 mins
The Halo Bulletin, March 13
Can I Have His Helmet?
Riot Sandbox Open Friday
PGCR 153

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