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Shotty fun in The Library
Rockslider's latest video tackles the spot in The Library where you are forced to wait between two doors - and stay alive in the face of a Flood onslaught. Lots of options! Go watch and read. (Louis Wu 19:28:24 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 118
Geoff and Gavin face off for another round of Halo PIG (not enough maps for Halo HORSE, apparently) - it's far from professional, but it's clear they had some fun making it. Go watch - either on AH.com or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 18:41:43 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 3, start to finish, 73 mins
slYnki stopped in with word of a Halo 3 speedrun - not his normal fare! This is a single segment run on Easy, and it knocks six minutes off his previous time. The entire game... in less than 73 minutes. Not bad! (Louis Wu 18:35:21 UTC) (permalink)


The Halo Bulletin, March 13
The Weekly Halo Bulletin went live last night - and there's some interesting info in there! Screenshots from the Castle Map Pack (along with a promo trailer), plus details about 343's presence at PAX East in a week or so, tantalizing info about an upcoming Title Update (Red X's are returning!), and some sweet sniper screenshots. You can, of course, read it in our local Halo Bulletin Archive (nice if you have trouble with Silverlight video). (Louis Wu 14:18:44 UTC) (permalink)


Can I Have His Helmet?
SEspider decided to design t-shirt to pay tribute to his favorite grunt, YapYap, and is looking for suggestions to help finalize the design. Looks like YapYap will finally get to wear Master Chief's helmet after all. I'd wear that shirt! (colindosaj 11:25:33 UTC) (permalink)


Riot Sandbox Open Friday
The folks over at Running Riot are hosting a Sandbox this Friday with special guest host CruelLEGACY, who will be showing exclusive stuff from the next season of Playtime. You can probably expect some Destiny talk too. The show will go live Friday the 15th at 9:30pm ET - you can join the conversation by sending a Skype IM to trrpodcast. Thanks, Kete. (colindosaj 11:15:35 UTC) (permalink)


PGCR 153
Robowski sent word that Post Game Carnage Report episode 153 is live - the crew interview Gagnon, creator of A Fridge 2 Far 2 (debuting on 3/22.) They also dive into the evolution of Halo over the last 10 years. Go listen! (colindosaj 11:07:06 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

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Tuesday's news in brief:

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