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Europe wins out with Forward Unto Dawn
Well, that's interesting - it looks like Region 2 (Europe, mostly) will be getting a 'Deluxe Edition' Blu-ray/DVD combo of Forward Unto Dawn at the end of this month - as far as I can tell, this is not available (or at least announced) elsewhere in the world. In addition to the discs, you will also get a set of Halo art cards, a poster, and over 100 minutes of exclusive bonus content. Thanks, mikimarquez. (Louis Wu 23:09:26 UTC) (permalink)


Celebrating both Cortana and MC
JR3D_MTTH3W stopped in with a pair of vids - Master Chief Origin is a retrospective of our favorite Spartan, while Cortana Tribute is exactly what the title suggests. (The latter was featured on the Waypoint blog last week, so you may have seen it already.) Go watch! (Louis Wu 23:00:51 UTC) (permalink)


Waiting for Halo 4
Joseph "Maniac" Cirillo sent word of a new documentary he released this weekend - swing by GameExcess.net to watch 'Waiting for Halo 4'. It was inspired by Halo 2: The Road to Glory, released by Noah Gallup more than 7 years ago, and it takes a look at one fan's love affair with a franchise. Go watch! (Louis Wu 15:44:49 UTC) (permalink)


Reaching Happiness
uberfoop decided to take a run through Reach with fresh eyes - and record what he saw. Screenshots, videos, and new observations - he got through Long Night of Solace, and was pretty happy, for the most part! Go follow along. (Louis Wu 15:34:23 UTC) (permalink)


The poetry of Reach
The Lionheart felt inspired to write a short poem expressing the sadness and nobility that is Reach. Go read it! (Louis Wu 15:27:29 UTC) (permalink)


Gandemo put together another one of his gameplay vids - he calls this one M.L.Gandemo. Some fun situations, and a taste of his life in the commentary - go watch! (Louis Wu 15:27:15 UTC) (permalink)


I Used To Be a Petty Officer, Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee
ZackDark dropped by the forum to let us know about a Gamespot Skyrim mod video that includes some neat Halo content (skip to 4:05 for the Halo stuff.) Is it just me or does the commentator sound a little bit like Frankie? Go watch! (colindosaj 11:24:13 UTC) (permalink)


Mysterious Halo Mega Bloks
Reddit user, TheNerdyOne_, claims that certain individuals have been receiving emails from Mega Bloks containing details and pictures of new Halo vehicles. The email describes a new ONI subdivision called REAP-X (Reverse Engineering and Prototyping -- Xenotechnology) and shows off two new UNSC vehicles, the UNSC Siege Bike and the UNSC Light Assault VTOL. This is the first I've head of the REAP-X program and I've never seen these vehicles before. Without a concrete source I'm not sure what to make of this. Thanks, DeadNames. Update: Dust Storm provided a web version of the email. (colindosaj 11:07:49 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Fails of the Weak 129
What's he gonna grow in there?

Friday's news in brief:

Grifball League Signups Are Open
Anoj's Top 10 Best Sniper Kills: Episode 18
The Missing Halo 4 Medals
Those Look Familiar
Mid7night's Halo 4 Photoshoot

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