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Grifball League Signups Are Open
GrifballHub's announced that signups for the Spring 2013 season of their Halo 4 Grifball League are now open! Swing by for full details - you've got until March 15 to register, and games begin the week of the 18th. Thanks, Kal. (Louis Wu 14:03:17 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Top 10 Best Sniper Kills: Episode 18
Anoj released episode 18 of his top ten series - this one focuses on the best sniper kills. Number one is probably the most ridiculous streak I've ever seen. Thanks, Jordan Bell. (colindosaj 11:33:23 UTC) (permalink)


The Missing Halo 4 Medals
Cha0s dropped by to let us know about a new Halo 4 machinima series called 'The Lost Medals Chronicles' - this series shows some interesting medals that I never knew existed ;). Great first episode, go watch! (colindosaj 11:31:33 UTC) (permalink)


Those Look Familiar
Nowise10 found some interesting Halo 4 screens that shows some familiar looking armor. Oh ODST armor, how I miss thee. (colindosaj 11:30:48 UTC) (permalink)


Mid7night's Halo 4 Photoshoot
Mid7night shared some Halo 4 screenshots that show off some really nice lighting and let's you marvel at the Spartan models. Go check them out! (colindosaj 11:29:39 UTC) (permalink)


Thursday's news in brief:

Halo 4's Essential Visual Guide coming in September
Wanted: Bad Spawn Films
One Minute Opinion: Extraction Playlist
Gussied Up and Ready to Dance
Halo 4: Old Friends, New Scenery
pete the overachieving duck
Wanna know which SpOps mission has 82 Crawlers?
Thank you Mario! The Castle is at another PAX.
Didact Helmet Sculpt
PGCR 152
Halo HORSE 117

Wednesday's news in brief:

Piloting Composer's MAC Cannons
Get Your Copy of Halo 2600
Tyrant's Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough - Forerunner
Forward Ops: Commencement
The Brits pass on Halo
Happy Birthday, Halo Wars!

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