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Piloting Composer's MAC Cannons
I stumbled across this video this morning... it's pretty amazing. Nowise10 and a friend show you how to actually get in to (and shoot!) the MAC cannons on Composer. (I don't think I even NOTICED them when I played - and these guys found a way to SHOOT them.) Awesome. (Louis Wu 16:20:47 UTC) (permalink)


Get Your Copy of Halo 2600
Atari Age are selling another run of Halo 2600 carts - these were originally produced for the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo. The cartridges come in a cool looking box that costs $50 and you can also purchase the Halo 2600 manual for $30. These are extremely limited! Thanks, Shadders. (colindosaj 16:06:13 UTC) (permalink)


Tyrant's Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough - Forerunner
The Tyrant's Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough has gained another chapter - Forerunner falls in under 20 minutes! Go watch. Thanks, Lawnmower172. (Louis Wu 15:59:57 UTC) (permalink)


Forward Ops: Commencement
Postmortem let us know that he's kicked off his Forward Ops series - with some art help from TDSpiral. Go see how HIS Spartan Ops season would begin! (Louis Wu 15:45:46 UTC) (permalink)


The Brits pass on Halo
Halo 4 was up for 4 different awards at last night's BAFTA ceremony - three of them (Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, and Online Multiplayer) were scooped up by Journey, while the fourth (Action) went to Far Cry 3. Bummer! Thanks, Bry. (Louis Wu 13:48:46 UTC) (permalink)


Happy Birthday, Halo Wars!
kornman00 stopped in to point out the fourth anniversary of the release of Halo Wars (and to lament the fact that its DLC is still going for its original price). Too far under the radar for MS to notice? Or just too much of a money-maker to discount? (Heh.) (Louis Wu 13:47:43 UTC) (permalink)


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