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Nice Johnson
Flugelmeister let us know that Hedgem0ny kindly donated a picture of Sergeant Avery Johnson sporting ODST armor, which is proudly displayed on the Johnson Memorial page over at The Secrets Within. I miss that Johnson. (colindosaj 18:50:40 UTC) (permalink)


Breadcrumbs Leading The Way To Awesome
343 Industries and Tor Books just announced that during the leadup to the upcoming novel Halo: Silentium, they will be "sending out encrypted communications via halowaypoint.com bulletins and forums, which will allow Halo fans to unlock additional content. There will also be embedded data in the text of the Halo: Silentium paperback and e-book editions..." Sounds awesome! (GrimBrother One 17:17:48 UTC) (permalink)


Spartan Ops Episode 9 went live this morning, as scheduled - you've got five new chapters to plow through! We've added the cutscene to our Spartan Ops Cutscene Library, in case you want to watch it on the web rather than on Xbox LIVE (or if you need downloadable versions for other purposes). (Louis Wu 14:37:17 UTC) (permalink)


BR Guests
ncsuDuncan dropped by last night with a new song parody - I think this is the most I've liked Beauty and the Beast... ever! Go give it a read (and listen to that candlestick sing it in your head). (Louis Wu 14:34:57 UTC) (permalink)


Toying with excess
More action figure news - the latest Mega Bloks offerings showed up at New York Toyfair 2013, which kicked off yesterday. Some pretty interesting stuff in there! Thanks, Dielectric. (Louis Wu 14:06:44 UTC) (permalink)


Info on McFarlane Halo 4 Series 2
Word on the next batch of McFarlane Halo figures came out yesterday (thanks, Grim) - if you swing by Halo Waypoint, you can see pics of the full set. That Didact is amazing! (Louis Wu 14:03:21 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Expendable: Lancer (Solo Legendary)
AotCR Bridge Descents, Revisited
Desktop Prettiness - on multiple levels
The Harlem Shake Halo Dance
Rescuing Majestic on Legendary Solo
Two Pelicans, One t00lbox

Saturday's news in brief:

Radar Glitch on Rail
Welcome, Reclaimer
Forge FOR Pete, get Halo swag!
MLG Episode 5 (Halo 3 Machinima)
Fails of the Weak 125

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