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Halo news back Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Halo news forward

Moments ago, Bungie tweeted a special announcement regarding all the new places you can go to get the latest updates on Destiny. "Exciting times" is an understatement around here! UPDATE: Bungie confirmed via their Facebook page that the reveal is set for February 17. Squeeee! (GrimBrother One 18:24:08 UTC) (permalink)


Destiny ARG
A wild Bungie ARG appeared. The entire community is hard at work trying to decipher the latest puzzle…

  • ncsuDuncan is leading a community investigation over at Misriah Solutions
  • ninjaflashlight is leading the Reddit community
  • wwm0nkey started a NeoGAF thread
  • Guardian has created an ARG thread on Bungie.net

And of course, the Destiny.Bungie.Org forum is running wild with speculation. So put on your deerstalker hat and grab your pipe, we have some investigating to do. Seems like we are gearing up for something exciting! (colindosaj 11:22:17 UTC) (permalink)


Louis Wu discreetly announced that Destiny.Bungie.Org is now live! The site isn't fully operational yet, but you can register and start posting on the DBO forum. You'll be delighted to know that you can now edit your posts, in 2013! Stay tuned. (colindosaj 11:17:07 UTC) (permalink)


BAFTA Games Awards 2013 Nominees
The Video Game Nominees for the 2013 BAFTA Awards have been announced - Halo 4 has been recognized for...

  • Action Game
  • Artistic Achievement
  • Audio Achievement
  • Online Multiplayer

Nice! (colindosaj 10:21:55 UTC) (permalink)


Gravemind's Halo 4 Review
Gravemind dropped by to share his review of Halo 4. The review is pretty lengthy clocking in at 19,819 words - that's A LOT of words. Go read! (colindosaj 10:13:16 UTC) (permalink)


Thick & Thin Episode 46: Interview with Walshy
DEEP NNN let us know that 2old2play interviewed Walshy for Episode 46 of Thick and Thin - they talk about the gaming industry, 343 Industries and the state of Halo. Check it out! (colindosaj 10:03:40 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

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Sunday's news in brief:

Expendable: Lancer (Solo Legendary)
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