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Spartan Ops Episode 6 - Now Playable
Today kicks off the second half of Spartan Ops Season 1 - Episode 6 is live now on Xbox LIVE. Before you can play, you'll need to download a 2.2GB support file that covers episodes 6-10 - keep this in mind if you plan to play with friends (or play at a specific time). As always, you can watch the opening cinematic directly from Halo 4 - or online, here at HBO, in our Cutscene Library. (We also offer downloads, if you want to use the content in other videos.) (Louis Wu 15:16:27 UTC) (permalink)


Matchmaking Update Live
The newest Halo 4 Matchmaking Update went live early this morning - if you log on to Infinity War Games, you'll find a new playlist to romp in. Community Forge Test has a number of smaller community-built Forge maps configured for 4v4 play - your participation will help improve this list! (There's a bug-reporting thread set up at Halo Waypoint.) Go enjoy. (As a reminder, there are also two new Specializations unlocked for folks who didn't have early access - you can now work towards Pioneer and Pathfinder.) (Louis Wu 15:10:07 UTC) (permalink)


Overkill, from Pertheseus and Bamboota
dCon V let us know about a new Halo-themed shirt on TeeFury today - it disappears at midnight, Eastern time, so if you like it, buy it NOW! (It's $10 plus shipping.) (Louis Wu 14:55:28 UTC) (permalink)


Ops-Cast 5.75 - how close to 6 can we get?
MoltenSlowa stopped in with word of Ops-Cast 5.75 - it covers Halo 4 terminals 4-6. Go listen! (Louis Wu 14:48:16 UTC) (permalink)


Analysis: Halo 4 Terminals, Themes, and Species
Jordan Bell let us know that he's posted a new lore video - it looks at Halo 4's terminals, as well as themes and species explored in all aspects of the Halo fiction. Go watch to get his take on the ins and outs of the Halo Universe! (Louis Wu 14:45:56 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

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Saturday's news in brief:

Darth Didact
Call me MB
MLG Ep 2 (Halo 3 Machinima)
One more SpOps preview
Bungie.next stirs
FotW 122 - all day every day

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