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Truth and Recon, Easy, 6:47
slYnki stopped by with word of a new segmented speedrun on Truth and Reconciliation. It's under 7 minutes! (This shaves two full minutes off the old record... amazing.) The end of 'Belly of the Beast' was the most impressive shortcut I saw, but there were a number of bits that made me shake my head. (Using the Spirit to bypass most of the climb after the landing bay was pretty great, too.) Go watch! (Louis Wu 22:52:55 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 - Trick/Glitch: How to get Completely out of Shutdown
t00lbox shared his latest trick/glitch video - this time he gets out of the level Shutdown. This one is especially neat because of how large the explorable space is. Also, you can get a purple and gold Banshee! (colindosaj 13:55:18 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Hack Job
Moa ran into a hacker during a game of Halo 4 - the unsavory individual was able to take out tanks, call in multiple ordnance drops and kill players with a single shot all by simply using the Carbine. Hey, at least the Carbine is useful now ;). (colindosaj 13:40:59 UTC) (permalink)


A Spartan Gets His Armor
Earlier this month, Reddit user fiscal_ reached out to the Halo community about getting in contact with the Bungie Foundation. He was hoping to get some smiles out of his son, who had just undergone a liver transplant. With a ton of neat stuff in tow, Bungie decided to pay the Spartan-in-training a visit (pictures included), and to fit our Spartan for his armor. Great to see him smiling. It is truly awesome of Bungie and the community for making this happen! Thanks to UnrealCh13f for keeping us updated. (colindosaj 13:34:18 UTC) (permalink)


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