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Halo news back Saturday, January 19, 2013 Halo news forward

Darth Didact
Luke McKay (who has his own gallery here at HBO) is part of a new web venture called 'The Button Mash' - and the very first Button Mash comic (about a week ago) was called 'Darth Didact'. It combines Halo and Star Wars, and answers a few questions you might have had after playing through Halo 4. I loved it. (Louis Wu 21:02:26 UTC) (permalink)


Call me MB
A gathering of HBO regulars is happening this weekend, deep in the Colorado Rockies. Information is beginning to leak out... (Louis Wu 16:27:49 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Ep 2 (Halo 3 Machinima)
DeathMcGunz let us know that MLG Episode 2 is now live - who's gonna make the team? (Louis Wu 16:26:23 UTC) (permalink)


One more SpOps preview
If our roundup of news articles on the upcoming Spartan Ops episodes didn't give you enough information, Halo Waypoint shared one we missed - OXM Magazine posted their hands-on preview. Get complete! Update: and this video walkthrough of Chapter 3 was mentioned this morning. Thanks, Jess! (Louis Wu 14:50:57 UTC) (permalink)


Bungie.next stirs
So I'd like to apologize - one of the changes that happened when Bungie rolled out the goodness that is Bungie.next last week is that the RSS feed for their news moved. And I didn't notice until this morning. I've missed quite a bit of new content through carelessness... you should check it out if you have, too.

Go catch up - and accept our apologies, along with a promise that we won't get so far behind again. (Louis Wu 14:45:14 UTC) (permalink)


FotW 122 - all day every day
Fails of the Weak 122 was released yesterday (thanks, Taco Power) - you can watch it on AH.com or YouTube. The final fail is really more of a win... and the best clip in the bunch. (Louis Wu 14:32:57 UTC) (permalink)


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Thursday's news in brief:

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