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Halo 4 Composer Legendary Guide - 16 minutes
RC Master has released a new no-death speedrun of Halo 4's Composer - it comes in at under 16 minutes, and the techniques should be nicely applicable by people who are looking for Legendary tips. Go watch! (Louis Wu 19:21:55 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 110
Achievement Hunter's Michael and Ray face off in the latest Halo HORSE matchup - you can watch it on AH.com or on YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 19:18:52 UTC) (permalink)


OpenSauce v3.1 for Halo Custom Edition
kornman00 informed our forum of the impending arrival of OpenSauce 3.1 - his suite of tools for Halo Custom Edition is getting a buff in just a few days! Go watch the trailer, go read the announcement. (Louis Wu 19:16:59 UTC) (permalink)


The latest Halo Bulletin went live on Halo Waypoint (and in our Halo Bulletin Archive) last night - it's not all sweetness and light. There's some information about the upcoming second half of the Spartan Ops first season, and a bit of info about next week's new Matchmaking playlist changes... but there's also the sad news that the Halo 2 Vista online support will officially end on February 15. If you're gonna play... do it now! Update: A community question, asking about the expected date of arrival of Fileshare functionality, was inserted late on Thursday into Wednesday's Bulletin. We've added it to the local copy, too. (Louis Wu 19:14:39 UTC) (permalink)


A Day in the Life of Dressing Master Chief
Ross Mills let us know about an article on Artem.com (the folks who created the Master Chief armor that was used in several European launch events) discussing the work that went into getting that armor on the Chief each day. Nice pics! (Louis Wu 19:12:01 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Animatic
Forward Unto Dawn Creatives At Transmedia LA
Halo 4 Nominated For A Writers Guild Award
Halo Invades GDC 2013
Date With Destiny
PGCR 145
A ginormous vehicle
Bet you can't drink it.
Halo 4 artworks. 2011.
Halo 4 Character Reference Shots
Dust and Echoes Ep 30

Tuesday's news in brief:

Podtacular 337
Cute and small is not as simple as you might think
Halo-style Helmet Model
Halo 4 Didact Desktop Wallpaper
Getting out of Ragnarok
Halo 4 Ship Design Concept

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