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Halo news back Thursday, December 13, 2012 Halo news forward

PGCR 141
Robowski sent word of Post Game Carnage Report 141 - more perspectives on Halo 4's campaign. Go listen! (Louis Wu 18:32:39 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 105
Ray and Michael try out three new maps in this week's Halo HORSE (er... PIG) from AchievementHunter. Watch it at AH.com or on YouTube. Simple is good sometimes. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 18:17:53 UTC) (permalink)


Closing out the year, Bulletin-Style
The last Halo Bulletin for 2012 dropped last night, as well - there's a little info about new playlists (say goodbye to Slayer Pro for a bit), an interview with Josh Holmes, an update about Fileshares (not going to be operational for a while) and the Crimson Map Pack (they're sticking to the '14 Day Buy and Play' story they came up with to explain the confusion earlier this week), and some other tidbits. Go read! (It's local, as well, if you'd rather a lighter experience.) (Louis Wu 17:37:00 UTC) (permalink)


A thousand words, times six
Hedge dropped off his last batch of Halo 4 panoramas for 2012. Beautiful. (Louis Wu 17:31:46 UTC) (permalink)


4-player System Link Coop... for Halo CE
Whoa. Some folks at Modacity have managed to get 4-player Coop working for Halo CE, in System Link. (The original game supported only two-player splitscreen.) Awesome! Thanks, orznge. (Louis Wu 17:30:24 UTC) (permalink)


Bringing back Halo 2, one map at a time
nillapuddin stopped by with a bunch of remakes of his own, after reading our 'Forgotten Treasures' post from yesterday. Check out Astroturf (another Turf remake), Keystone (a reimagining of Foundation), and Forsaken (a rebuild of Desolation, itself a rebuild of the first game's Derelict). Nice! (Louis Wu 17:28:43 UTC) (permalink)


Maturity test
Can you watch this Things to do in: Halo 4 film from the Achievement Hunter crew and NOT laugh? (If you can, you're more adult than I am. You don't need to tell me about it.) (Louis Wu 17:24:51 UTC) (permalink)


Crimson gameplay commentary
Skywalker DSP stopped in with a link to a CTF game on Harvest, commentated by him and his buddy. I wish I faced more teams like they were facing... it's a fun film. (Louis Wu 17:23:33 UTC) (permalink)


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Tuesday's news in brief:

Cheap Halo 4 - maybe
War Master Primal... Gorgeous.
Halo 4 Master Chief Spartan - Stained Glass
Tyrant's Halo 4 Legendary Walkthrough - Reclaimer (plus Review)
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