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Oboe Plays: Halo Reach P.5 (Long Night Of Solace)
OboeCrazy and friends are playing through all the Halo games in chronological order, to prepare for Halo 4. Today, they released Reach Episode 5: Long Night of Solace (yeah, I've been lax about noticing these - you can find the rest in the Associated Videos off to the side). It's just under half an hour long (some judicious edits for the sake of flow), and shows off some nice teamwork. Go watch! (Louis Wu 20:04:10 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4: NEW Spartan Ops Gameplay from Australia
Some new Spartan Ops gameplay was collected at EBGames Expo in Australia - awesome, wide-open vistas and Gauss Hog action. It's off-screen, and there's no sound, but if you're not trying to stay dark, this will pump you up for the start of the Spartan Ops season! Thanks, TheOddOne. (Louis Wu 19:59:46 UTC) (permalink)


Off-screen Campaign Gameplay from Down Under
Josh Holmes is currently in Australia, at the EBGames Expo - he did a presentation showing off some campaign gameplay. (It's the same segment of Level 3 that Frankie showed off at Eurogamer Expo last week - the video quality is way worse, but the lag is better.) Same spoilers as before - the run-through stops at roughly the same spot (well, a LITTLE bit further). Thanks, TheOddOne. (Louis Wu 17:44:26 UTC) (permalink)


Mail Sack of Plenty
Bungie posted a new Mail Sack yesterday - lots and lots of input from lots and lots of employees. Some great answers to fan-generated questions - go read! (Louis Wu 17:40:58 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Strategy - Dominion: 1st (2nd?) Look
Bravo took a closer look at Dominion, a new Halo 4 gametype - it's the second time he's tried this (the first one was pulled for content he used). Give it a look if you're curious how this gametype works! Thanks, TheOddOne. (Louis Wu 17:39:39 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 107
Friday is Fails of the Weak Day - and the AH crew has released episide 107 (AH.com | YouTube). I saw a bunch of new fails in this one! (Really! It was pretty enjoyable.) Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 17:36:57 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Gameplay, Greenskull interview
Greenskull got interviewed by TrulyIndirectMedia about his YouTube career and Halo 4 - go hear about how he got to where he is! (Louis Wu 17:28:13 UTC) (permalink)


Give us the Chief!
Bryan Simon is back with a new Halo song - this one uses Eminem's 'Without Me' as the inspiration for a plea for the return of Master Chief. Guest rapper u4iX adds his own battle rhymes. Go watch! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 17:25:33 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

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The Heart it Needs
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Forward Unto Dawn, Chapter 1

Thursday's news in brief:

The Pelican Rises at Midnight
An early look at Meltdown
LEGO Halo 4 Battle Rifle
PGCR 133
Requiem Episode 13
Wednesday Night is Co-op Night... except this week
Energy Legs
Halo 4 Ragnarok Walkthrough With 343i/IGN
Flight of Fancy
Murder Miners Remakes
Seal the blast doors!
Halo 4 X-Play Preview Exclusive
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It's Like We All Get a Golden Ticket

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