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Urk Was Always on OUR A-list
The [a]list just put up a great video interview with Bungie's Eric Osborne Eric discusses Bungie's history, how they interact with their fans and community, and some thoughts on the company's future. Go and check it out! (GrimBrother One 20:08:36 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix Contest
Hypertrooper pointed out a Halo 4 Remix Soundtrack contest - there's an official video from Xbox UK (you can download it off the US Press site, as well - thanks, Morpheus), and a contest website to enter your own remix. You've got until October 29 to submit an entry, and prizes are pretty impressive (grand prize package includes a Samsung laptop, a Halo 4 LE 360, a Tritton Halo 4 headset, and a full collection of Official Halo soundtracks - there are plenty of lesser prizes). Get to remixing! (Louis Wu 18:03:21 UTC) (permalink)


More Difficult to Achieve?
xbox360achievements has their Halo 4 Campaign Preview up and live. Go and see what they thought! BE WARNED there are some pretty heavy spoilers. Don't read if you are dark. (GrimBrother One 17:15:01 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 3 Crow's Nest, Legendary, 9:46
Wow. NOKYARD stopped by NeoGAF to point out a speedrun on Crow's Nest by HISTORY100, a new Japanese speedrunner. This video contains all sorts of new techniques that cut almost a minute off the existing Solo Legendary record. Riding the Drones... that's a first, for me. Go watch! Update: RC Master let us know that a render with English-language audio is up on HighSpeedHalo, if you would rather listen to that. (Louis Wu 14:13:54 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Tournament in South Africa
It looks like Microsoft South Africa is hosting a Halo 4 tourney, with the top prize being a trip to Gamescom 2013 (in Cologne, Germany) next August. Not too shabby! If you live in SA, sign up! Thanks, TheOddOne. (Louis Wu 14:08:24 UTC) (permalink)


IGN's look at Halo, 10 years out
IGN decided to take a look down the road, and to speculate about where some of their favorite game franchises might be in 10 years. Halo's on the list - go see what they came up with! Thanks, UNKNOWN iXi. (Louis Wu 13:45:44 UTC) (permalink)


October 3 Wednesday Night Grifbrawl
Kal, from GrifballHub, let us know about tonight's Wednesday Night Grifbrawl - Ball So Hard is facing off against Hot Bikini Guyz. It's a best of 3 series - swing by their live stream at 9pm to watch all the action! (Louis Wu 13:43:06 UTC) (permalink)


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Monday's news in brief:

Snyde Remarks
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RC's VGS: Assassinating Sword Elites
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