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fontsample.gif Description: fontsample.gif
Size: 7K
Screen size: 567x217
Created by Will Turnbow. An updated version of the author's Halo font - this time including numbers, standard symbols, and even the Halo logo 'shield'. Updated AGAIN, 31 July 2003, to correct the '2' to match the Halo 2 logo. Available in Truetype for Mac (249K) and PC (250K), as well as a Type 1 Postscript font (298K). Update: In May 2006, DHalo submitted a version of the .ttf file available in the Truetype collections with an updated '3' that matches the Halo 3 logo. Grab it here (25k). Update 2: In September 2007, Will Turnbow updated his own font 'to reflect logosfrom Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars and the Halo 2 ad a few years back.' You can grab the updated version (TrueType) here (27K).
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john_117.jpg Description: john_117.jpg
Size: 108K
Screen size: 500x424
Created by Talon. This is called 'Spartan No. 117'.
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missile.jpg Description: missile.jpg
Size: 164K
Screen size: 1200x650
Created by Stormsinger. A rendering of the Scorpion motion-tracking missile from 'The Fall of Reach'.
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wilkes.mastercard.jpg Description: wilkes.mastercard.jpg
Size: 75K
Screen size: 844x1473
Created by Clint Wilkes.
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mjolnir.beta.gif Description: mjolnir.beta.gif
Size: 183K
Screen size: 529x684
Created by dogsounds. "It's just one of those questions that has to be asked, sooner or later..."
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mcinoffice.jpg Description: mcinoffice.jpg
Size: 39K
Screen size: 310x300
Created by Mourneblade.
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swfm.mcsketch.final.jpg Description: swfm.mcsketch.final.jpg
Size: 29K
Screen size: 640x480
Created by StarWarsFanMan. The evolution of this image can be found here.
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warthogrender.mov Description: warthogrender.mov
Size: 11K
Screen size: 320x240
Created by Oddworld18. This is a QuickTime5 movie. The original render (as a 320 kb divx-encoded .avi) can be downloaded from Oddworld18's site.
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skyhawk.jpg Description: skyhawk.jpg
Size: 157K
Screen size: 1200x900
Created by Storm Singer. "Each one is equipped with 4-50mm cannons, 6 Scorpion missles, 20 SuperBee missles, 2 wing tanks (this ain't your daddy's A4 for sure)."
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halo2lo.jpg Description: halo2lo.jpg
Size: 279K
Screen size: 496x710
Created by Jon Bonneau.
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